Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend wrap-up

Hope you guys had a great week seemed to drag on despite having Monday we had a fun weekend planned so I was anxious for Friday...

Friday...I left work early around 11 so we could get on the road to Houston around Isabella's long nap time which is around 12. Ya'll this girl has been and is the BEST traveling baby. She played, talked and crashedout for the whole ride. She didn't make a fussy peep until we were almost there,sitting in traffic. I don't blame her 5 hours in a carseat sounds rather dreadful to me. We made pretty good time and headed to Tim and Shannon's house then headed out and enjoyed a yummy patio dinner. It was a beautiful night considering the rest of the weekend was a rather hot and humid mess.


SO excited to be out of her carset and I told her we would be seeing Auntie Kristin soon:)

Just chillin being such a good travel baby! Notice her lovey Ashley London:)

I road in the back with her for the last hour and she was mesmerized by my watch and phone shadow on the was so cute..about an hours worth of entertainment.

Had my first sip of caffeine in over 1.5 years...ya'll it did absolutely nothing...I was fully prepared for jitters and hyperness....nada...I think that means I have ADD...shocker!!

Snoozin while we ate dinner on the patio....

Saturday... we woke up had smoothies and I ate my first breakfast taco..I know, I know I'm 30 and had never had least not that I could remember. Tim can make a delish one....Then we headed down to the pool while the boys built shelves in  the garage in the 80 degree humid heat..not jealous!! Isabella is officially a pool fear, no more water fear!
Love this hilarious, expressionate girl

Oh just loungin

Love these sweet cheeks

Water babe!
Tyler hammin it up at the pool

Then Auntie Kristin came and we had lots of fun playtime....

We love her....move to Dallas:)

Playing with uncle Jared...she thought he and Marley were hilarious it was so cute..

And then she decided to crawl...It was crazy out of no where...she was actually going for my wine glass...she's going to be a wine lover like her momma...Dennis was in the kitchen...needless to say we are sappy parents and there were tears, even Auntie Kristin had tears:) Where did my itty bitty baby go? Man it's going too fast...

Sunday...the guys finished  up the garage and I got some morning snuggles before we headed home. And once again she was an incredible traveler we only stopped once to eat and once to feed her. Not a single fuss...This weekend was a perfect trial run for all of us for our cruise.

This will never get old...

....I put her in her stoller to bring it inside and she was so happy so I left her...perfect! This is how I got things done once we got home...she sat in this and I strolled her room to room while I unpacked
Then we of course enjoyed some back patio time, our house faces the west so in the evenings it has the perfect combo of shade and

I was rocking her to sleep as the sun was coming down through her window and noticed her chandelier making this beautifulness on her thankful for grace and a wonderful Maker! I pray everyday that Isabella know how fearfully and wonderfully she is made...

Happy Monday!! Hope you have a blessed week...T-14 days til we be cruisin....

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