Friday, July 7, 2017

friday favorites

Linking up with Shea over at Mix and Match Momma, Erika, and Narci today to share my Friday favorites.

ONE. Maternity leave. Though I think the USA is still SO far behind in the world of maternity leave I am so thankful for the 12 weeks that I have had. I go back to work Tuesday and I am already dreading it. I am SO thankful that I am returning to a job I love and my kiddos will be in great hands. Isabella and Cayson are already asking when they get to go back to school. They will both be going to Preschool MWF in the fall. It will be so good for both of them. I thought going back to work would be easier this time since I've done it twice already but it is going to be just as hard if not harder because I have loved the 3 months off will all 3 of my loves. 
This is crazy to me. The United States is so far behind. I am thankful my job at least paid me 80% of my pay for 5 weeks and I had some vacation time to enjoy the bonding time I was allowed.

TWO. Munchkin 360 cups. These cups are hugely popular and are great for the cleft population I work with.  I haven't purchased any because until now they have only had plastic ones and if you know me, you know we steer clear of plastic as much as possible so these new stainless steal version are everything! I found ours at Target and they even have snack traps on Amazon:)

THREE. Pacifier lovie. I got this Bunnies by the Bay pacifier lovie this week for Addilyn and it is precious. It is such a great safe version for her pacifier at night and doubles as a rattle and lovie. Addilyn is a huge fan of the Natursutten pacifiers so we aren't using the Wubanub this time around but still love those!

FOUR. Kitchen chairs-So I purchased these chairs that I am obsessed with several months ago for our kitchen nook but quickly decided they weren't practical with toddlers. I purchased these to replace them and I cannot wait to get them, they say they should be here today by 8 pm!! YES! I will move the original chairs into the dining room and I have the hubs making a new table in there. Next up, new light fixtures....

FIVE. Dress shoes. I am absolutely loving these simple shoes. My dress shoe department is so pathetic. I am honestly dreaming of a pair of these but I think I will settle for these for now. I also desperatly need a new black pair as well, think I can convince the hubs I need these?!;)

Happy Friday...can't wait to spend the weekend in the pool savoring my last weekend of maternity leave. 

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