Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Shop small

Fatherhood tee|||Best Job ever tees||Isabella's dress|||Cayson's shorts|||Cayson's sandals|||Isabella's jellies

I know I share how much I LOVE shopping small on a regular basis but I do. I get asked all the time where I buy my kiddos clothes and it is quite a mix of a few favorite stores and A LOT of small shops. I like unique and fun, what can I say. These Ezra + Eli shirts we are wearing are some of my faves. The one the hubs is wearing was actually part of his father's day gift but Isabella literally could not hold in the surprise. As soon as Dennis walked in the door she said, "Daddy we got you a shirt." Sweet girl, so, of course we gave it to him early:) I have an obsession with June + January and have since Isabella was itty bitty. Something about the swing dresses look so precious on and the lounge shorts are just so perfect for Cayson.

This Tiny Dancer leotard from Kenzie Jaws is a favorite and Isabella is obsessed with her "Ballawina" doll!! We love Candy Kirby Designs. I need another baby just so I can purchase these Knotted gowns in ALL the colors. 

So go run, Shop small!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Mother's day gift guide

mothers day gift guide

The hubs was just asking me what I wanted for mother's day…we don't usually exchange gifts and for Mother's day I'm more of a sentimental type but thought I'd still come up with a few great gift ideas;) Buying for my mom and MIL is always hard for me….Deciding on a good gift that they will love is tough..

Swell-Love this gold Swell edition. I have a teal one but am a sucker for gold:) I love that these seriously keep drinks cold for days, oh and the big one holds a full bottle of wine if you ever need it for outside on the patio:)

Yeti-I mean what mom wouldn't want a Yeti cup to keep her water cold all day. I love the coffee mug size too, since I never seem to be able to actually finish a cup of coffee while its still hot. I think I microwave mine a minimum of 10 times before its gone. 

Ugg slippers- I got these around Christmas and have talked about them tons but they are absolutely a must have! I wear them EVERY day. So comfy, so perfect for mommas. 

Necklace|Earrings-what momma doesn't love a fun, simple necklace she can throw on with anything. I have been on the search for a simple necklace and some simple earrings for ages and these two fit the bill.

 Flip flops- I also don't know a mom that doesn't love Tory Burch. Love these fun flip flops for summer. Hello sunshine and summer!

What's your gift ideas?

Weekend shenanigans...

We had a crazy busy week and weekend per usual. Friday auntie Hannah watched the littles while I worked and sent me adorable photos as usual. Saturday...Isabella had ballet and then got to round on a few patients with me. She was super excited but didn't understand why she couldn't go in the rooms with me. We then headed to Cupcakes for a Cause to support Dr. Hobar and his Leap Global Missions Foundation.  Their goal is to Give Hope through surgical missions. I can't wait to go on a trip. We then decided to break in the pool and spent the whole day in the pool. Sunday we got to celebrate my sweet Papaw's birthday with some fun family time. 
Two girls just resisting naptime

Love these two kiddos

Twins!! They even giggle the same!

Poor Cayson and Hannah...he got his first bloody nose and busted frenulum. 

Helping daddy with his garden. We've He's worked so hard, its doing amazing;)

Planting Isabella some strawberries

He loves to sleep with a blanket over his face and it freaks me out:(

My Tiny Dancer

Posing with Mickey at mommy's work
She picked out all the cupcakes and carried around a reindeer all day;)

Breaking in the pool and checking out the helicopters

Two swim dates in one day

Mommy will never say no to a picnic request for lunch with a princess and prince

When they will entertain themselves so you can monogram a shirt...winning!


Sweet cousins

Insert sad face, tear face, Monday blues face!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Life lately...

We just returned from the best beach vakay...minus the flights part, ha! I have over 800 pictures to sift through then will be posting like crazy...until then here is a few pics from prepping ourselves for the trip....
Discovering the joys of roly polys

When my babies want momma...all the heart eyes!

Another day, another photo;)

Love one on one time with this little guy

Every one got haircuts before we headed out of town including Dixie...we tried a new mobile grooming and lets just say NEVER again...he brought her to me and I didn't even recognize her:(

Isabella said, "She's so toot and so itty tiny" haha she loved it!

My kids were visibly upset before haircuts because I forgot their waters at home so we ran into Mooyah for some waters and the sweet owner gave them free milk shakes! Made this mommas day!

He held onto my neck the whole hair cut! Can't believe how good it turned out considering!

I have waited almost 2 years for his hair to be long enough for this cut:) He looks too grown up for me now!

Oh the beach...take me back!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Life lately...

Last week we survived the dentist, rain upon rain upon rain, a small hail storm, ya know the usual;)
This boy rocked it until they were ready to clean his teeth haha! 

This girl was SO good. I am so proud of her! P.S. she picked out her whole outfit:)
Posing after barely surviving the dentist

Shopping at Target our favorite, $1 sunglasses for the win
She is obsessed with cleaning everything these days!

This girl hearts PJs!!

Ice cream treats for the win

They want their picture taken EVERY time we leave the house now and always have props to take with them haha

Helping mommy volunteer at church means Chick fil a treat!!

Ready for her Lady bug school performance debut:)

Mimi sent me lots of video and photos since I missed it:(

This water table is still a favorite!

Friday Night we celebrated my sweet friend Jen, the soon to be mommy of 3 boys:) It was so fun and much needed

Heart these girls...we missed our Alissa and Jaimee and Leah left before the pic

Pedicure Saturday with mommy

"No I not sweepy mommy"

Having fun at the Stroh's cook out

Sweet friends

MORE rain

She is SO silly, blurry and grainy but too cute

Ready for NO more rain and some sunshine!

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