Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Carving Pumpkins

More Halloween week fun....Can you believe I just carved my very first pumpkin?! Seriously, at least that I can remember. We never did it growing up and I have always wanted to do it and I guess just always ran out of time...I mean I literally wasn't quite sure what I was getting myself was so fun, eventful, entertaining with a baby and toddler but we had fun....advice though...don't pick a complicated Minnie as your first attempt and break the small knife and end up using a kitchen knife to finish;) it makes it far more difficult and you might have to squint a little to see that it is Minnie haha....

My sweet helper...

She was just loving blowing out the candle....haha....
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Monday, October 27, 2014

DIY Wood Pumpkins

2x4-cut in various sizes
1x8-cut in various sizes
Chalk paint 
Tree limb cut in 1-2 inch cuts
Hot glue gun
Sponge brushes
Paint brushes

Wood: You can honestly use any piece of scrap wood you have laying around...these were pieces my hubby had left over from various you can see some were even stained which we loved.

Paint: We used this chalk paint in white and orange and mixed them to make different the finish they provided. This paint goes a long way so will last us for future project

Tree limb: We used some pine tree limbs (loved the look they provided) and some regular ole tree limbs;)

Gather your supplies...gather fun company, sweet drinks, and creativity inspiring music and paint to your hearts desire....Then using hot glue attach your tree limbs as can add moss around your stims or ribbon or leave plain:)

All our unique finished my sweet family and their creativity...

Aw....nothing sweeter than my family and some crafting!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend definitely didn't disappoint. It was nice, relaxing and fun....there have most definitely been some tears shed from momma as tomorrow I head back to work....not looking forward to it...thankful that Mimi will be watching my sweet little ones or this transition would be far worse...

Friday...we went to library story time with Mimi so she could learn the ropes and had a picnic lunch at the park....then had a low key evening at home with my loves...skipping all festivities to relax....

Quick Target trip to get ready for dinner and the week...we can't go through Target without getting "a-no" from Starbucks:)

Saturday..we celebrated Mimi and Chaille's birthdays with a craft day and dinner...

Super Skeltor Isabella wished Mimi a Happy birthday

Cooking buddy

Sneaking "tweets" while making Mimi's favorite cookies

Very serious concentration on signing Mimi's card

Seriously these are not prompted...I pull out my camera and she backs up and says "cheese"

Dancing with Aunt Nana

Crafting is apparently boring

Us and our finished projects...I will post a quick recap on this super easy craft tomorrow...
Playing at Mimi's is exhausting...welp and no nap!

Sunday...we had church and prepped ourselves for....WORK:(

Lovie does everything Isabella does these days...she had to go inside to get Lovie to show her the moon

Soaking up the cuddles with my buddy

Daddy and buddy

Sunday morning the weather was AMAZING...perfect for a festive picnic

My first Silhouette Cameo project...only took me 4 months to work on it....

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Foto Friday is it already Friday..this week went entirely too fast...I need more time...just one more week...can't believe Monday I will be heading back to strange...these last 3 months have been some I will never forget...have loved every minute with my little thing about being a working mom is that every hour, every second I get with my little ones I will cherish....we had a relatively low key, packed week if that is possible...:)
This boy and his faces....he is just too dang cute...good thing his mood is either happy, screaming or sleeping...there is NO of my sweet friends said it best...."he just hasn't learned to just be yet" haha

That bottom slays me....
Daddy was finally home and we took advantage of a beautiful afternoon to eat an early dinner...Dennis and I both about died when we looked over and she had pushed her sunglasses up on her head:)
This boy must have known how badly we needed a nice dinner out and slept the whole time literally for only the 2nd time in his life;)

This little fella has stolen my heart...

Cooking is serious business...
Napping is serious business

We took a much needed day to go visit Mamaw and Gigi....such a fun special day and this boy loved it...

She loves her Mamaw...playing Talking Tim, her favorite...

He loved napping on his Gigi....

Isabella got some much needed time with her cousins...she loves her older cousins:)

And a few more from feeding the ducks.....

Please, please pass very slowly weekend....I already severely dread you Monday!!!

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