Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week in review

Thanks to a friendly post on Facebook we discovered it was "National Hot dog day" so Sonic had $1 hot dogs….I can't remember the last time I had one and Cayson got to try his first….and my picky Isabella ate hers sans bun like mommy and daddy did ha!

More hot dog madness

Just some outdoor shenanigans

I always said I would not do this but then I had a kid and its the only way I can get a pedicure so we do it and Isabella LOVES it…plus it gives us mommy/daughter time so win/win in my opinion

Too much cuteness

This boy is SO busy!

Nightly swim

Outdoor painting and snack fun with this silly goose

This crazy boy is going to send us to the ER i have a feeling!

This girl cracks me and herself up!

Yep putting up dishes and found him like this!! I'm in trouble
After a friend's PJ birthday party errand running with my little helpers

Survival of the fittest around here for the next few days!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Making Lemonade

Another part of our incredible weekend was getting to participate in the Sunday Sundae, Making Lemonade event to raise funds for brain cancer research. The Making Lemonade foundation was made by a mutual friend and we were so excited that we got to participate, help raise funds for something close to our hearts and honor some precious lives. I think the unofficial total raised from the event so far is $44,000. So incredible. 

When life hands you lemons you can either give up or make lemonade!!

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Trains…cows….horses, oh my!

This past weekend was one for the books….full of friends and family time. I finished off the weekend with my soul refreshed and feeling extremely thankful….I got to see family 2 days in a row and it was PERFECTION. Saturday we did a belated birthday celebration with a train ride on the Grapevine train down to the Ft Worth Stockyards. It was so fun, the kids did great, it was a little toasty hot but it didn't spoil our fun….Sunday we got to participate in a brain tumor research fundraiser with the McDonald clan that was so special and meaningful…more on that in the next post….
Ready for her train ride

One of a kind family

Super excited

Isabella got to fulfill 3 huge requests she's had lately…ride a choo choo, ride a hosee, and ride a moo cow..

Tiny honey and moo cows

Adorable cousins

These suspenders were just too cute I couldn't get enough

Friday we surprised Isabella with her new Elsa jeep from her Mamaw and Gigi…she asked to drive it all weekend

Mommy's best cooking helper

Fun with friends

I'd say he loved his first brownie

Say what mom?!

Super blessed peeps….thats how I felt after this weekend…
Highly recommend the Grapevine train info here
So much to do in Ft. Worth Stockyards
Including the 4 o'clock cattle stampede:)

HIghly recommend for a fun family event….the fall weather may be a little more friendly though:)

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