Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Take me out to the ballgame...

We went with our church Community Group to the Rough Riders game, our local minor league team, on Sunday! We bought cheap lawn tickets and it was the BEST decision ever. The kiddos could run around and play. Cayson is too young to want to sit in seats for more than 10 minutes so this was perfect. We got to the game an hour early and the kiddos also got to run and play on the field! Genius! The Rough Riders field even has a playground. Perfect family evening spot if I do say so myself!!

Patiently waiting to go in!

Checking out the field!

Getting to run and play catch

My little fan

Carrying around his Minnie and Mickey of course

Isabella's boyfriend Derek:)

Such a fun evening!! I highly recommend if you are local! Oh and don't forget sunblock! #momfail

Monday, May 23, 2016

Life lately...

I'm okay for life to slow down a bit…I lucked out with a nice 4 day weekend and this momma needed it so bad. It was so refreshing and needed. Makes going back to work on Monday even harder though….

This feet girl had her last day of school this week. She was so sad. She said, "What, I won't go to school anymore? Mrs. Cobos is going to miss me, she loves me." haha

 I posted this on Instagram then realized after looking at the next pictures how tall she's gotten:( Where did my baby go?
I mean did she grow a foot?!

We got our last day of one on one time and he loved it:)

We loved Mrs. B and Mrs. Cobos

Then we ran some errands and they were adorable and had to wear their rain boots!

Sunshine and playdates:)

SO thankful for sweet friends and playdates!

Making dinner for the Ellis fan!

When its TOO quiet and you walk in to this:)

Cartoons, dinner and patios!

Pedicures with mom and Kristin!

My BFF Kristin came in for the weekend and it was SO good for my soul. We sipped wine and chatted in the hot tub, got pedicures, had a girls night. perfection!

Love this girl SO, SO much!

Some sunshine, giggles and patio time before the week began again…we went with some friends to our local minor league baseball game on Sunday…hoping to post those pics tomorrow….we took a lot.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Activewear favorites

activewear favorites

Fitbit||Sports bra||Shorts||Shoes||Water bottle||Yoga mat||Tank

I have been a workout guru since I can remember! My love for group fitness started when I was in college and I taught kickboxing and Body Pump at the Baylor HAC and 24 hour fitness. Oh, those were the days!! I loved it, getting paid to work out, well duh! I still worked out pretty regularly until the last several years when I got so busy with work and kiddos. My goal these days is to make it twice a week, most weeks it works out but if the kiddos are sick or something comes up then I miss and I'm okay with it. I enjoy working out, the serotonin and endorphin surge is good for my "group fitness" loving soul. My favorites these days are PiYo (a mix of athletic pilates and yoga), Total body conditioning, Body pump and Turbokick.

I am Lululemon obsessed and have tops that are over 5 years old that are still favorites. Their tops are SO supportive and the bottoms are all so flattering so how could you deny their amazingness:)

Fitbit: My favorite use with the Fitbit was figuring out that I walked 9000 miles at work everyday ha! I do love to use it to monitor my progress!

Shorts: These Speed shorts are my ALL time favorite. They are flattering, comfortable and the perfect fit!

Shoes: I am a Nike addict, they are the ONLY tennis shoes that I still love. I have tried all brands and I always end up back with Nike.

Tank||Sports bra: Lululemon tanks and sports bras are just AMAZING! The fit, the support, the style-on point!

Water bottle: These water bottles satisfy my love for glass and NO plastic and versatility and convenience. I'm a Lifefactory addict as well.

Yoga mat: I was in need of a new yoga mat, love this one, though I offered it to help the cop change my tire recently so it needs a good cleaning;)

Happy workout!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Life lately...

Between crazy work days, breaking cars, garbage disposals and AC units, and sick kiddos its been a wild ride lately. These two little munchkins like to keep me on my toes. They came down with croup Saturday night and their choking spells even had this NP momma worried. Isabella scared the daylights out of us in the middle of the night Saturday, choking from coughing so bad she could barely breath. That seal barking cough is like no other. We had to cancel plans Sunday and thankfully the kids are mending well without steroids or ER visits.  
This silly boy

They are obsessed with the Kids Organic Clif bars...they taste like candy bars so duh!

Headed to visit and meet baby Lane

Sweet baby yawns...have I mentioned that both of my kids are OBSESSED with babies!!
Isabella wants us to have another baby with "itty tiny" toes!

Lunch break in our crazy day

And then THIS!!! I debated posting this because welll....ewww.....this also grossed my Nurse practitioner self out even though I have removed them from other kids removing one from my own kiddo was a first for me. I poured alcohol over it like recommended but this sucker did not want to come out so I found the finest needle point tweezers and yanked it out. Then panicked and studied the nasty tick to make sure I got the head out. Here's to praying for NO Lyme's disease. Insert wide eyed and barf emoji!

Yep there it is. I am SO thankful Isabella asked to jump in the shower with me and that her hair is blonde or who knows how long before I would have seen it. 

My sweet sassy girl!

Mo...Aka "More water"

Helping mommy pick up poo poo...I must upload the adorable video of him saying "Eww" over and over as he picked it up:)

They asked to go feed the ducks

This is our daily routine now. They love to be outside and request to eat out there regularly. 

Swim fun with friends...they also request to swim every day!

Quarantined sick kiddos

Sick and stuck at home so we paint and paint some more!

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