Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites

Linking up with Shea over at Mix and Match Momma, Erika, and Narci today to share my Friday favorites.

Gosh how is is Friday already!! Yipee for a long weekend for me!!
Sharing a few of my favs today!!

1. Dining room chairs-I shared that my hubs built me a new kitchen table in my post here and you can see a little sneak peak. Well a new table means new chairs. I've had my eye on several chairs similar to this style and finally took the plunge Monday while they were on sale with free shipping. I debated between 4 and 6 chairs and when I asked my mom's opinion her response was, "You are about to be a family of 5 so only 6 makes sense." Eek so crazy and SO true! I'm hoping the colors match and hoping my little messy Cayson doesn't make me regret this decision;)


2. Journaling Bible-I've been wanting a journaling bible for probably over a year now. I bought my sis this one with her soon to be new married name on it and decided it was time to buy one for myself as well. I actually went with the coloring bible and if I really enjoy it I will plan to grab the nice leather one:) I grabbed some pens too to help get me started and motivated:)

3. Hunter rain boots- Cayson has officially outgrown his first pair of Hunter boots:( Slow down sweet boy, I have looked forever for a yellow pair and FINALLY found a pair. I grabbed them as fast as I can. I was hoping they'd be here before the weekend rain fest but no such luck, I guess I will squeeze his poor little toys in his cute little red pair one last weekend! I debated and almost grabbed this yellow pair but decided on the plain yellow pair so they would pass down easier to little sister:)

4. Google Wifi extender-no matter what we have done to our home internet it just fails miserably in some parts of our home, some of the most important rooms i.e. the craft room where my Mac is and our bedroom. My tech savvy hubs has done tons of research and finally decided after some other failed attempts that a Google Wifi extender was the way to go and let me tell you it is AMAZING! I'm typing this in the comfort of our room as we speak something that would be painfully slow just last week:) If you have issues, run, grab them! You can get just a single one but for our house he decided 3 was better, more is always better right?!;)

5. New balance for J. Crew- have you seen the new New Balance for J. Crew?! It is TOO good. Neither of my kiddos currently have tennis shoes that fit and I might just have to grab these two pairs below. And this gold pair, I need them right?!

Happy, happy Friday!! We are headed to the lake for the weekend and I believe it is suppose to rain all weekend, wish us luck! Lots of toddlers in one house with possible rain, eek!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nursery inspiration

Pink and gold nursery


It's January which means its time to start rearranging rooms and getting ready for baby girl! Ever since finding out we were having a girl I've dreamed of floral, pale pink and gold for the nursery. Funny how our styles change, with Isabella I didn't love pink but this time around give me ALL the pale pink. I'm picky on the pink but I'm loving the soft, subtle pale pinks! I envision the wall behind the crib being all dark floral. I'm still debating between wallpaper or a custom painting, to be determined.

I am OBSESSED with this gold crib, but of course just like this adorable rocking swan they once had, Pottery Barn is no longer carrying it. So I have enlisted the hubs to paint our Jenny Lind crib gold. I found some baby safe paint and can't wait to see how it looks!

I ordered this adorable grey rocker last week, I've been obsessed with it since I saw it at Pottery Barn Kids over a year ago. It's so comfy and just what I envisioned. This pink pouf will be perfect next to it!

Since the rocking swan I fell in love with is no longer available I'm snatching up this, too precious for words, sitting swan from Land of Nod!

I am on the hunt for the perfect brown antique dresser for the wall opposite the crib. I want a classic vintage look to it. I'm thinking just simple ivory curtains, maybe a little fiddle tree and hanging canopy and her sweet little room will be done.
Now to just get moving!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Bohemian wedding shower

This weekend we showered my sweet baby sister, bride to be, with a fun bohemian style brunch shower. Can't believe she will be getting married in less than 2 months. I swear I was just driving her around!! My little Hannah banana is SO special to me, I adore her more than words. I remember getting to help feed her, carrying her around proudly and showing her off and getting to watch her grow up. She is truly one of the most beautiful inside and out women I know. Watching her grow into the most beautiful Christian lady has my proud sissy emotions all over the map! We love Derek, her soon to be hubby, and cannot wait for their big day!! We went with a bohemian style to match Hannah's personal style and brunch because you can never go wrong with brunch:) Hannah is one of the most stylish girls I know, I seriously can't wait to see how all of her details play out in her beautiful wedding.

Coaster party favors
Pre-addressed thank you cards for the win

Coffee bar with my grandma's beautiful vintage coffee server!
Mimosa bar

Chicken and waffles (Chick fil A nuggets for the win)

The perfect donuts server my hubby made
My sweet hubby built and stained the backdrop for me

My little Isabella was so excited, picked out her own outfit and all.
Part of her Logsdon gift, I had each girl send me a picture and recipe and made a big Shutterfly album for her. New bible with her last name, new address stamp, and fun note pad!

Moss Table Runner-Amazon
Wood place cards-Amazon
Wood garland-Target
Love balloon-Etsy
Address stamp-Etsy
Recipe book/Notepad-Shutterfly
White pitcher-Target
Glass carafe-Target
Cake stand-Target

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Noble one

Our sweet baby girl officially has a name! We've actually had it for several weeks now but wanted to wait to tell our families (Marsha in particular) at Christmas time before announcing it. I've talked a lot about how much we pray and think about our kiddos names and how important we think they are. I actually went back and read through my old posts when we named Isabella and Cayson and literally wept through them. I wept and praised God for His faithfulness in our story and our family. We are truly blessed far more than we deserve. Here's the post with the details behind our sweet baby girl. And it's official:

Addilyn Jo

Oh sweet Addilyn Jo! I have called you Addilyn from the day we found out you were a girl. Before you were conceived I dreamed, prayed, and hoped for you! I talked about my dream here but it was very clear to me about a year ago that a sweet little girl would be joining us and Addilyn was the name that always stuck with me.  We debated a few other names: Savannah, Claire, and Skylar but none seemed as fitting as Addilyn. Addilyn means noble-I love that. Your middle name was going to be Rose and Isabella still tells people it is Addilyn Rose on occasion but I was driving one day thinking how we could honor our Papaw Joe (Joseph) Edward with your name and I said Addilyn Jo out loud. I dismissed it at first because it sounded SO country but I mentioned it to your daddy and he felt like maybe that was it. Then crazily your Mamaw mentioned using Jo the very next week and from there no other name would do. So our sweet Addi Jo, Addilyn Jo- you are so wild in my tummy already that I think this sweet, spunky name might just fit your personality just perfectly!! Jo means may Jehovah give/increase and we already feel that you are the biggest gift. You sweet girl, oh we can't wait to meet you. You are the completion to our sweet little family and I cannot wait for your sissy and bubba to meet you. They already love and adore you as much as we do. And for memories sake if you were a boy you would have been Beau or Finn Edward:)

Here are the posts with the stories of naming Isabella and Cayson.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Maternity favorites

maternity favorites

This is my first pregnancy that I have started out pregnant in the fall. I think I've spend most of my pregnant days in the summer. I'm loving this time getting to use a lot of my non-maternity clothes and mixing tons of vests and layering. I have a current obsession with vests, I wear one at least once a week:) They are perfect for layering over a cute top and growing belly. I've had fun shopping for some new clothes this time around, knowing this is my last pregnancy and baby I have definitely taken advantage of shopping, I mean I have to right;) A few of my favorite maternity spots lately have been:

Shop Pink Blush-my newest favorite found shop

My two staple pants so far: loving this black pair dressed up with booties or dressed down with flats. And these skinny Jeans are perfect paired with some converse and are my quick go to pants. I love the panel inset on these!

Leggings: also have to invest in a comfy maternity or non-maternity leggings! They are perfect paired with a long top or for just around the house! I love this maternity pair!

Chambray topPlaid flannel-these are both great tops to use for layering. They are cute alone or topped with a fun vest or jacket.

Dress-and of course you need a few cute dresses for parties, date nights and showers! I try to find a few cute ones for each pregnancy! I grabbed this one for Cayson's dedication and plan to wear it again soon:)

Just a few of my favorite maternity must haves and basics! Enjoy!
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