Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Isabella's 2nd birthday party

This past Saturday we celebrated our sweet girl's 2nd birthday party @The Coop. It was a blast...of course I didn't get to visit as much as I would have liked to but that is part of hosting...the kids had so much fun and I loved that I was able to bring in all my own decorations and ideas....the staff were so helpful with setting up and taking down...most importantly my beautiful girl had the best time!

Party favors...mask&capes for the boys and tutus for the girls

The adorable outfit I ordered for her party was just a tad too big so we went with this option;) At least it matched the theme!

Our tradition of having books signed for her birthday

I wanted to hang the tissue poms from the confetti balloons but they were just too heavy...sigh!

Had a big gold 2 balloon to add but we couldn't get it to blow up...sad face but all in all I loved how it all turned out...

SO thankful for sweet friends and family

Hugs for Coopie

This girl

These pictures make me laugh...typical

So excited to blow out her candles

My incredible family

Cake: Deja Cakes
2 party headband: Little Blue Olive
Pink monogram outfit: Smocked Auctions
Balloon Invitations: Fast Balloons
Confetti and Confetti Balloons: The Flair Exchange
Gold 2 candle: PS I Adore You
Macaroons: Cupcakes Cubed

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

1st snow of 2014

We had our first snow yesterday November, in Texas!!!! wasn't much and didm't last long but of course we had to document it...

This hat is a tad too small...tear:( So I ran to grab her new one and she just waited patiently to model it haha

Waving hi to the "airpane"

My 2 loves first snows....most definitely siblings

Things are SO much more fun through little eyes:) Heart eyes for days!!

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