Monday, August 22, 2016

Life lately...

Wrapping up the final days of summer before my sweet babies head to school in a week. It's only twice a week but still, where did my babies go?

We watched our cousins Noelle and Holt one day this week and got an impromptu family day. So much fun..

Ready for cousin day

Our circus at the mall:)

He is still obsessed with Minnie;)

Isabella and her sweet friend Ella!!

These 3!

We make the most of our trips to the mall haha!

Love this...sweet cousins!

And since we didn't have naps anyways why not be crazy and forge to Target in the rain:)

Daddy's family date day plans...Rain Forest Cafe and Legoland...the kids had a blast

Not so sure about the Tigers

I am one blessed momma

And the many poses brought to you by Isabella before church

Our little towhead!


Happy 1st day of school for most families! Pray its a blessed year!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

XO...engagement party

We have known for several months that this special day was coming and my heart has been so excited since. There is nothing sweeter than young love! My sweet little sister Hannah has always held a special place in my heart since I carried her around and showed her off in my 4th grade classroom. I loved helping be a little momma to her. She has grown into the most beautiful woman, her heart for Christ, her creativity, her inner and outward beauty are unbelievable. And we could not be more excited to have Derek (Hannah's Derek to confirm;)) become a part of our family. His love for Christ and desire to grow as a Christian man and soon to be husband is incredible. We started party prepping for this adorable party as soon as Cayson's party was over, I mean Hannah is a professional party planner so we had high standards to meet:)

We went with an adventure theme because as you can tell by their sign we made they have already done/adventured/traveled so much in their relationship. My mom thought of this idea to put all the places they have been on signs and Dennis and I went to creating the fun picket sign. It turned out better than I imagined:)

Isabella give us your excited face:)

These sisters of mine are something special!! I would do anything for them!
I adore this picture…my kiddos were so excited! They adore their auntie Hannah!

She said Yes-handmade using Silhouette Cameo


Monday, August 15, 2016

Life lately...

What a week...we came off the excitement of Cayson's big Popsicle party here, and did lots of shopping, swimming, relaxing, and eek...planning an engagement party for my littlest sis! We love and adore our auntie Hannah...can't wait to share pics of her surprise engagement party tomorrow:)   
These two...pete and repeat! Love them!

This purple dress....she is Ubsessed!!! Literally wears it all day every day!

When you meet the family for dinner and outfits are brought to you by Isabella and a daddy who doesn't care:)

Just relaxing all cool!

Gymnastics take 2....

Isabella said, "I love it, I love it, I want to do it again":)

Birthday party fun at the Sci Fi museum for Pierce's birthday!

Ready to watch the rocket launch

He LOVES cupcakes!

The love the bubbles!

Party people

And a little impromptu swimming with friends

Sunday morning one on one time with this girl!! Love it!

This little cheeser helping me make Hannah's engagement cake!

She's engaged!! Could not be more excited! This is Isabella's excited face haha!

Happy Monday friends!

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