Tuesday, August 6, 2013

9 month must haves

9 month must haves

1. Whale toy collector: since our little one is getting oh so grown up...sigh...we have pretty much graduated to big girl baths....this adorable bath toy collector is a must have..

2. Whale spout cover: This cute little spout cover helps keep any potential bonks on the head on the spout from occurring...definitely another must have..

3. Bath tub grippy dots: love, love these cute non slip grippy dots for the bottom of the bath tub...helps keep that cute lil bottom of your lil one from slipping in the bath tub...

4. California baby bath wash: Like I've said before with my sweet pumpkin's sensitive skin and my fear off additives, etc this is our absolute fave body wash/shampoo...

5. Playskool rocktivity: This is sweet Isabella's favorite toy right now...it provides endless hours of entertainment...it's perfect for the crawler, cruiser and even our toddler friends love it...

6. Xylophone: Isabella first loved this at a friend's house so of course we needed one...keep her entertained...and a plus...mommy gets to work on her chopsticks:)

7. Plum organic Puffs: We are officially at that stage that having these around is a must in the diaper bag...more for entertainment than nutritional value but they can be a life saver while out at a restaurant etc...

So glad I'm keeping track of our faves...hope you find our must have helpful!
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