Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap up

Hello Monday....this weekend was a blast...I am SO exhausted!! I think I could not have crammed one more thing into it if I tried...I went into work Friday rounded quickly on patients then started my weekend at 10 am:) It was heavenly.... I said I actually worked from 6-10am met Dennis with Isabella then Isabella and I headed to the Galleria for some girl 
Breakfast date at Starbucks while waiting for all the stores to open...this girl is so opinionated these days...she wanted nothing to do with her breakfast but wanted mine...I wish you could see the shaking excitement she had when I offered her the raisin was priceless...

Trying on coats at Zara...I think its obvious which one she liked...unfortunately for her everyone voted for the fuzzy one...

She loves to see herself in the mirror....

 Then we headed to the State Fair to meet my sweet friends Ashley and Caroline...we had a blast...Isabella and I both tried our first Fletchers corn dog...I forgot how much I like corn dogs and obv Isabella was a fan...we also tried the fried Smores...we were actually a little disappointed.
Isabella and I watched Ashley and Caroline get nauseated on Crazy mouse:)

Us with Caroline and Big Tex

Then we headed on to meet more friends at the Pumpkin Patch...I got so many fun pictures...I debated making this post super long but I think I'll just post all the pumpkin patch pics tomorrow:) Here's a sneak though:)

Then Dennis and I drove to Forreston, TX...yep that is as far as it sounds...for our friends 10 year wedding anniversary was so beautiful...SO far away but beautiful while my sweet parents watched lil bit..

You would think we would stop there but nope our Saturday and Sunday continued to be just as crazy....:)

Saturday...we headed for Isabella's 1 year photoshoot, say what, how can this possibly be....then we headed home put her down for a nap and I headed to watch my sis and brother in law dance in Romeo & Juliet...they were phenomenal as is by far my favorite ballet of all times....then we headed to the Ellis' for Oktoberfest and had a blast as usual...

Hey let us out!!

Sunday...we headed to Cooper's PJs and Pancakes 1st birthday...everything was adorable..Jayme did such a great job...then we headed to Ft. Worth for Lexi's birthday party...Isabella was a party animal this weekend...she truly was a champ only time she got fussy was towards the end of the Pumpkin patch and who could blame her other than that she was so flexible and went with the flow and got all her naps in without worry...

My PJ girl and I!

Eating her first pancake!!

Lexi the birthday girl

Cousin love...Levi loves Isabella...he asked me to take their picture:)

This girl is always too busy to stop and cuddle these days...we are thinking for the times she slows down to cuddle...we were in the car and she was out shortly after this:)

Wow....not sure how we survived that one but we did...despite traffic, rain, cold...we rocked it and loved every minute of it....

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