Sunday, November 3, 2013

1st birthday-smash cake

Oh my sweet Isabella how is it even possible that you are one year old?! I love you so much it makes my heart hurt!! I love every inch of you and everything about you....your giggle, your cry, the way you cuddle up on my neck, your kisses, hearing you say "mama", the way you spit out your food that you don't like, the way you walk peg legged;), the way you rub your eyes when you are tired, the way you cuddle your lovie and paci when I lay you down, the way you hang on to my arm when I carry you, the way you stand up and reach for me in your crib, the way you pull down my shirt, the way you rock in your rocking chair, that you are SO social and talk and wave at everyone, the way you like to shop as much as your momma, the way you light up in Target and Hobby Lobby, the way you play with my hair, the way you put your fingers in my mouth when you nurse, the way you look at your daddy, oh the list could go on.....I seriously love everything even the not so fun things...I cannot imagine our life without you....I may have carried you 9 months and birthed you but you have given me SO much life!!! Though I wish time would slow down I am SO excited to see more of your personality and see all that God has planned for you! I may be biased but I think you are the most beautiful, hilarious, loving, precious girl I have ever you more than you will ever know!!

The joy in these still my heart....
Thank you Sofia for capturing this...

Pettiskirt: Etsy

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