Monday, January 27, 2014

Foto Friday

Didn't have time Friday to post our week in pictures...we were busy having 2 fun playdates so I thought I'd recap quickly mostly for my own keepsakes:)....
Bubbles and bathtime...2 of her faves..

Stealing mommy's water her favorite thing to do...

2 playdates in one these 2...Pierce wanted to sit right by Isabella:)

I probably take way too many pictures/videos of this lil one sleeping but its one of the sweetest things..

We have quite the monkey on our hands...if she can climb on it or under it these days she will...

If it fits on her wrists it is a bracelet:)

Cookie cuter anyone?!

Trying to encourage this picky toddler these days....

Looking cool in Graham's sunglasses

I swear the child's mind amazes me...they go from these sweet babies that just cry and sleep to these amazing little minds that find CDs and know exactly what toy they go awe everyday of what new things she learns

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