Weekend Wrap Up

Only 103 days left until our
big day! I can't believe how fast time has gone. We had a fantastic weekend that started for us on Thursday nightThursday night, after 4 long years, a Masters and a post-Masters in Pediatric Acute Care I finally got to walk the stage and get "hooded"...I don't even know if that terminology is correct but they put a hood on me thus it seems appropriate to say I got "hooded":) I am SO incredibly greatful and thankful for all my family and friends who put up with me and encouraged me over the last 4 years. It was a long, not so joyous road but I made it and am loving every minute of my new job.

Friday night
Poor Dennis worked his butt off, til I think 3 AM, might I add while I ran frantically store to store trying to start/finish our Christmas shopping. So our lives have been a little crazy with finishing school, starting new jobs, taking care of my sweet grandpa, and on and on so, yes I did have to cram all of my Christmas shopping all in to one night! Aw...but relief its done and I am excited about each and every person's gift!

We went to The Medina wedding. It was the most fun, high energy reception with a Mariachi band and everything. Ashleigh was beautiful and we had so much fun until.....Patron tequila shots for the toast..yep thats right, what a fun idea. I must add though that that will be the very LAST Patron shot I will ever take, and I know Dennis will hold me to that. Let's just say it didn't settle well and throwing up on the highway going 70 mph= not a pretty site!! Love you so much Dennis, I owe you:) But my family had lots of fun making fun of me all day Sunday... as my mom suggests Mexican food, margaritas and tequila shots for dinner!! She's so witty!

We took my parents and Hannah to see the house that we are hoping to get to start building soon...
more details to come once we get full approval to begin the build. It is beautiful and exactly what we have loved since we saw a home almost identical to it back in January but were beat to buying it by only a few hours. That night we went and sat on the roof top of the Reata and had an incredible meal before we headed over to watch Heather and Sasha dance in the "Nutty Nutcracker," we hope they continue doing this show as it was fantastic. I have probably seen, oh 1 too many of the original Nutcracker ballets, as all 3 of my sisters have performed in it a zillion times, so seeing the hilarious Nutty Nutcracker was a fun change! Heather and Sasha came out as the toy dolls as Barbie and Ken...you can imagine the beautiful couple dancing to "Come on Barbie let go party"---CLASSIC. If you haven't had a chance to see it, it is a must. Seeing the Nutty Nutcracker will be our new annual event!


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