New house, YES please!!

YES please!! So it is official!! This is our lot and building will begin soon. We have already put way too much money in this house and it hasn’t even started. So we started our process at the end of Decemeber with putting down our earnest money on our lot….oh we wanted this one particular lot so bad, ridiculously over priced lot might I add, but beautiful perfect lot at that. It is a semi- cul-de-sac. How do you have a semi cul-de-sac you ask? Well maybe it’s a faux-cul de sac, needless to say we are in the roundy thingy in the middle of the street. I have so many fond memories of our cul-de-sac growing up and how much fun we had playing with all kids on our street that living on one has been a dream!  This was the last lot that would fit a 3 car garage, that Dennis wanted and the pool, that for now I get to dream aboutJ We rushed in at the end of December by our sales person's request to get this lot, I think he was wanting to win some end of year award or something but anyhow we believed him and did just that.  But that’s okay we are happy and excited that this is our lot!! He even drew in a faux-pool- oh he knew how to get us!!
So then the first week of January we had our first meeting-Electrical…Boring and easy so I thought but no you have to decide where each of these goes

And these

And you can’t just get phone or cable jacks anymore you have to get some fancy R27 jack (not really what they're called but who knows) which like the guy says are only $60. So everyone of those $60 adds up, and fast I might add. Then you have to decide where you want surround sound and how high you want them wired. So you are trying to decorate and plan your whole house in your head in fear that you will end up with an eye sore of a speaker….ah!! I think I gained 12 gray hairs in this meeting. Then we had to decide on which kind of switches, come on people, switches yes do you want the old fashioned click kind or the new flat toggle ones!! It’s only an $800 upgrade. Geez! Oh but it was fun and Dennis got all of his manly electrical things he wanted which included a TV  hook up outside (For all those days he decides to smoke pork and will need to watch the game;)) Aw love you so much honey..

So then comes the fun design center meeting. Our first day was just a browse and look appointment and per my mom and I’s request she came along with Dennis and I and thank God she did. After about counter top number 2 and cabinet decision #3, Dennis was zoned outJ He would just answer “Whatever you want babe.” So after you dream up all the things imaginable that you love without any prices (that’s how they get you, you fall in love then give you the prices so you have to buy ALL the upgrades) Geez. So we schedule our actual decision/design meeting.   It was so fun, stressful, exciting all at the same time.  Of course in the model home, EVERYTHING is upgraded which makes you think you NEED those upgrades. I love that we would really like something and it would only be $300, come on lady that $300 on everything I like adds up. Needless to say we left a little shocked on the cost of all the upgrades we loved and NEEDEDJ But after doing my research, which I am so proud of myself for doing. We discovered that they wanted to charge us $20/ sg/ft for hardwood floors that we can get better floors than they were going to place for only $8 sg/ft. Unbelievable right?! So we are going to have them just put in the cheap carpet and have wood floors placed right before we move in!! Brilliant, right, plus it puts us right on our budget, which hopefully makes Dennis very proud. Paying for a wedding and house all at one time has deemed to be stressful, but just like Dennis said last night “I can’t wait for our house to be done and we can move in” I can’t wait either. Future progress to follow. We are hoping they will break ground soon!

Some of our choices incuding tile, countertop and backsplash decor:)

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