Oh twenty 11, you are already starting out to be one of my most favorite years ever.  So this year unlike the most recent low key past year’s New Year’s Eve parties, Dennis and I decided to party big. I’m just saying when you hear 6th street in Austin on New Year’s Eve weekend it just sounds like trouble. Contrary to what you would think there was no major trouble over our New Year’s weekend. We rented a condo right on 6th street with some friends. The ball dropped literally right outside our window and we managed to come home alive and all in one piece.  My oh so wonderful new boss decided to let me have Friday off so Dennis and I were able to head down early and meet his friends for lunch at Jackolope on 6th street. See picture below.

What a fun group. I had such a great time meeting some of Dennis’s friends Israel and his precious, adorable preggo wife Sabrina whom I had not met yet and got to catch up with the others that I had met. So after lunch we proceeded to our sweet condo to hang out and act a fool before getting all fancy dressed up for our delicious, private $800 minimum dinner room. $800 you might say, well let me just say after bottles of wine, appetizers, and dinner for 10 people it really isn’t that hard to reach a $800 tab. We had a blast and decided, using our best judgment, that we should just ring in the New Year at our condo….with a fridge full of our own adult beverages, it made sense to have a good time in the privacy and cheapness of our own home. But do not fear at exactly 11:55 we walked our happy selves down a flight of stairs out to 6th street to watch the ball drop and the most insane amount of confetti fill the air.  Oh and watch a guy and guy couple proceed to make out in a fashion that no one should be watching. Geez, really?! It was disturbing and we all can’t believe none of us thought to video or take pictures. It was scarring enough to watch it once though.

Some of the girls...look at the two beautiful preggos and of course Shannon is gorgeous!

The group

After watching the ball drop we went back to the condo, changed into comfy PJ’s and had a party of our own. So at some point I am looking out our window to see the commotion outside and for some strange reason I decided to proceed to jump off the couch…see photo below.

Dennis and I at the Capitol
So this became the theme of the weekend, off the couch every night, off the stair case, at the capitol, you name it we jumped there. Saturday we had a blast-went to the capitol, went bowling, and went and ate and Israel and Sabrina’s restaurant. That night we had more fun at the condo then went to some Irish pub that I do not remember the name of.
This is Dennis' weenie jump since he hurt his back earlier in the week ..another long, funny story in itself!

Again Dennis with a hurt back, love the people in the background thinking we are crazy

Oh Shannon


And Chris!
And there are tons more pictures..Shannon was the photographer of the weekend and took about 800 pictures:) 

So 2011 you look absolutely promising I have this to look forward to

April 2, 2011

And this

Can’t wait to see what all you have in store for us 

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  1. I love the new years eve story and pics of jumping! You're so cute!!