Blizzard Two Thousand Eleven

So what I learned in the 1.5 hours on my way to work and the 2 hours I spent getting home from work in this wintery, blizzard weather:
  • I have never prayed so much for my safety in 3.5 hours in my life
  • If you own one of these (seen below) you should absolutely, not ever drive in the snow/ice- I saw 4 unable to move, watched one plow into the embankment, and did NOT see a single one driving confidently! It was a running theme for the BMW's today.

  • That the white icing looking stuff is much easier to drive on than the slushy stuff.
  • When you start to slide, turn with the slide.
  • I have never been so thankful to arrive at work/Medical City and be off the road.
  • I am thankful for this trusty vehicle below for getting me home....this is what a car looks like after being put through h*#L and back...not too bad actually.

  • If I lived north I would never drive anything that doesn't have 4WD. I was envious of them today as I slipped and slid.....Which brings me to my next case and point!! I have driven the above said car for a long time now, it has been faithful through all of grad school and I have loved every minute of it. I have, though, began to get the new car itch, not necessarily brand new, but new to me! Sorry oh sweet car of mine but I am ready for a new you! So I have been looking at Porsche Cayenne's which I love and guess what they come in 4WD. Perfect, right Dennis?!:) Maybe after the house;)
  • I am so thankful for a warm place to return to with a fire in the fireplace.
  • There are CrAzY drivers out there who should not be on the road!
  • Plan ahead with good Ipod music if planning to be on the road for 3.5 hours just to Dallas and back!
  • That 20 miles per hour can actually seem fast. Slow and steady wins the race...embarrassingly I admit that I definitely said this out loud to myself multiple times.
  • That next time weather is like this I am recruiting a car companion or possible chauffeur...ahem Dennis;)
  • That arriving home never felt SO good...
  Plus I had these 3 important companions to get safely home to!

And some fun winter pictures that I got to take this afternoon..

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