My sweet co-worker and new friend Miss Ashley of The Sweet Southern Life see her wonderful blog here, became my second follower. Yes, that's right my second follower. I was so excited when she told me (we had, had a discussion earlier in the week about how few followers we had in comparison to views of our blogs we have). No it's no biggie, I love all my secret followers, but if you like reading my blog and want to follow just click and follow. Sometimes it's okay to become a follower:) I have come to love becoming a follower of blogs because then I don't have to go clicking on the blogs to see if they've updated anything, it just updates on my dashboard. I am still new to this blogging world but am having a great time discovering it! Hope everyone had a wonderful, blessed weekend. Dennis and I have both felt under the weather and worked today, but had a blast enjoying dinner for my sweet friend Ashley's birthday Saturday night at Blue Goose in Addison. Oh how I live for the weekends these days and I am dreaming of being here........

Only 40 more days and we will be here and becoming Mr. and Mrs. McDonald!!

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