Handmade Wedding Invites done and sent!!

So since it is a small wedding I decided to take on the adventure of making our wedding invitations. It was quite a process- fun, challenging, sometimes frustrating, but all in all quite successful and I was pleased. This is what the extremely long process looked like. Just a side note...please do not be offended or hurt if you did not receive an invite we only sent them to family, and friends that have voiced the desire to attend the wedding. With that said if you are reading this consider yourself invited and if you would like to join the amazing time we are going to have in Mexico, call Dennis or I. We have about 45 guests and couldn't be more excited or thrilled. It is going to be a blast...only 59 more days:)
I'm in love with Peacock feathers!! These were hard to find but beautiful!

I finally invested in a paper cutter since I make invites all the time!
The planning process!
More planning and color choosing!
Looks like a mess
Sweet Hannah banana helping me with the hardest part...the wax seal
My sweet mom helping me address and stamp
75 handmade invitations.
The final product

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