Love Bug

So Dennis and I decided to celebrate Valentine's day on Sunday since we both finally had a day off together. It was the most perfect day, I went and got a mani/pedi, the weather was finally perfect and we had rescheduled our engagement pics for the most beautiful day that we've had in a long time.  (They got snowed/iced out twice already). We headed downtown to meet our photographer and ran into Angry Dog for a drink and Dennis grabbed a burger. It was the perfect little moment together before we had to go cheese it up in front of the camera.
Dennis swears their burgers are the best ever-though neither of us have tried Twisted Root down the street.

After our little stop we spent the next 2.5 hours taking engagement pictures. It was so fun, I'm crossing my fingers that I actually like them of me. It's always so hard trying to smile and act natural for over 2 hours. I love to look at and take engagement pictures more than I think I enjoyed being in them. There's a strange sense of awkwardness. I couldn't help but keep thinking afterwards about my hair blowing all in my face, worried that my butt would look weird at that angle or my face look fat but it was fun. It was such a fun experience with Dennis.

After pictures we went by the house before our dinner reservations....and the stakes are up...Aw, we are going to have a house soon, we CAN't wait!! Our own yard, our own place, big closets, yay!

For dinner we went to Silver Fox was SO yum. We got the Valentine's special with salad, steak and lobster, dessert and my favorite--Dirty Martini's with blue cheese stuffed olives. I was so excited to cheat on my diet and eat chocolate cake but we were so stuffed we didn't even eat it. We took it to-go and then got to enjoy it tonight instead:) See delicious food below, Dennis actually enjoyed mine and his lobster...I had a few bites but am not a fan of the texture.

We had such an incredible day. We have both been working so much and been crazy busy with planning a wedding and building a house that it was so refreshing to enjoy such a fun day. It reminded me why I love him so much and what a blessing he is.

So the title to my blog "Love bug" was this really fun Valentine's thingy we decided to do at work. It's like secret santa but you basically just get a lot of fun heart things, pink things and yummy candy.
I must say I had the best Love bug, my new coworker did such an amazing job, it was so fun to show up to my office with a little secret gift on my desk. Look at my fun things I got...

My last one...homemade icing cookies!

So cute and creative, right?! I am loving my new coworkers...I knew it was going to be so hard starting a new job after working with some of the best girls at THP but I could not be more thankful for the girls that I get to work with now. I miss my THP girls all the time and hope we continue to have our monthly dinners after all the madness slows down:)

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