So photography has been a passion of mine since I can remember. I have taken pictures of EVERYTHING since elementary school. As a matter of fact, I took pictures of everything and kept everything and started my first scrapbook in about 2nd's the truth ask my mom!! I have the love and desire to capture every possible important, and some not so important moments, in my life and not let go. I have probably 20 scrapbooks, picture collages from high school, and a storage shed full of photo boxes. Have I mentioned I lOVE pictures! If not, I do, I love them. I love taking them, being in them, saving them, cropping them, editing them...anything I can do with them. I loved it so much I took my first photography class in high school and thought I was so cool with my very own Canon SLR 35 mm camera. It was the best experience ever, I loved the dark room, playing and learning about apertures, f-stop, etc. I loved it so much I even considered it for college, had I known photography would end up like it is now I totally would have gone for it. In 2001 though, I convinced myself  it would be such a tough job to find and not a lot of money. So it became more of a hobby. And oh how the digital camera, I swear was invented for mean I can take as many pictures as I want and not have to worry about wasting film....I was in heaven and still am today. I love that I can snap away, experiment if you will and not waste a shot:) This makes me happy. I'm in love with my Canon Rebel X-ti but oh how I would love a new one, maybe one with a better lens and how I'd love a fish-eye lens. If only it all wasn't so expensive. So for now I will continue to love and enjoy my Rebel and the lenses I have..

So with that said with this fun hobby of mine I have had the joy and honor of helping out some friends and my brother in law of when needed. My first adventure was helping him with these....

My beautiful friend Shanna and her now husband Troy's engagement photos:

Then I helped him with my first wedding:

Then my amazing friend Jen and Cole entrusted us to do her engagements, they are so adorable you couldn't mess theirs up:

I took on my first wedding alone when I did one of my BF sister Alison's wedding...definitely super stressed so I convinced Kevin to come assist, I couldn't find any of their photos except the following detail photos, they are on a disc somewhere... 

And oh what a beautiful bride Mrs. Ashley was...

And my sweet lil sis Heather, what a beautiful ballerina bride:) I couldn't be more proud and happy for her

And the most recent and reason for this post my sweet friend Jill crazily (If that is even a word) entrusted me to take her sweet newborn I was a nervous wreck, I have learned something about myself lately, if I am alone I am fearful if I have someone else along for the ride so much easier because I know if I screw up there is always a back up. Needless to say, Miss Landry is beautiful, precious and made for a great subject.

  1.  So after this last photo session I have decided it is time to reinvest in photoshop for my macbook.
  2.  That I need and would love, love to take a photoshop class and maybe even some photography classes to fix my technique. 
  3. That I need to brush up on some technical and lighting skills before taking any more pictures!!
  4. It is stressful for me to be responsible for capturing other people's special moments, probably because I'm a perfectionist and people pleaser and never want anyone to be disappointed. So I know I've made the right profession choice not that it isn't stressful but I love it and I love taking pictures for fun as a hobby.
  5. One day I will invest in a new better camera and new lens. 
  6. That I love being able to help friends out when possible.

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