"All the single ladies"

So sorry I have been absent and slacking from the blogger world. I am in survival mode until after the wedding. For anyone curious, I do NOT suggest starting a new job, planning a wedding, building a house, and studying for another board exam all at the same time....when I look back on this time, though it will be SO worth it.

So I am extremely disappointed in myself for not posting pictures from the incredible weekend (like I said survival mode) we had a couple of weeks ago. My sweet, incredible, beautiful, amazing, precious sisters and friends planned a wonderful couple's shower followed by an extremely fun night out as my last night of being a "single lady." I am SO glad to be taken off the market by my soon to be handsome husband. I am incredibly blessed everyday by my sweet Fiancee, friends and family. So here are the pictures, sorry so late:

End of the night...time to crash!

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