Love Story

As I sat to type this out last night hoping to make it fit into our wedding programs, my eyes were filled with tears: sad tears, joyful tears, thankful tears, and emotional tears. I got to see my sweet grandma last weekend for the first time since the passing of my papa. I have talked to her regularly to let her know how much we love her and to check in but this was the first I had gotten to see her. I can't get over the strength and life she has. The morning before she left she handed me a book and said "I read this to your papa and cry everytime, and I have been praying for a love like this for you and Dennis." Oh how my heart hurts for her and longs for that same love her and my papa had for Dennis and I. Watching them as a couple through the years has blessed me more than they will ever know. The love they have for each other but is only a glimpse of the love our Heavenly Father has for us. Oh what encouragement that it. The following poem is the one I read that morning that will forever mean so much to me...

Love Story
They always felt it was meant to be,
                The way they happened to meet…
And when they found they had fallen in love
                They had the whole world at their feet!
He sang and danced to the music he made
                And vowed they would never part…
She laughed delighted and called her love
                “The boy with a song in his heart:”
The candles burned in the little church
                When they became man and wife
The flames reflected the look of love,
                For now they were linked for life!

The children came, and the circle grew,
                When they bowed their heads to say grace…
And home was a harbor away from the storm
                As they anchored their lives in that place.
They had their share of trouble and trial,
                But gratefully counted the years…
Tho’ sometimes the way seemed long and hard,
                There was always more laughter than tears.
She hardly noticed when time had turned,
                That his eyes were a little dim…
It mattered not that she used a cane
                As long as she walked with him!

But then one day, at twilight time,
                When the shadows were growing deep…
He said good night in his loving way,
                And slipped away in his sleep.
The music stopped in her world that day,
                O how much she missed the song…
The days were silent without his voice,
                And the nights were all so long.
As she slept the sound of angel’s wings
                Seemed soft, and hauntingly near,
For scenes of Heaven had filled her dreams…
                It was home to someone so dear!

But she prayed for strength to go on with life,
                To bear the being alone…
And bravely she walked with a smile on her lips
                Till at last the Lord said “Come home!”
The years fell away as she stood to go…
                So young she felt, and so free!
She heard then the music she’d missed so much,
                The same joyful melody!
Like a girl she ran to the Golden Gates,
                To love that would never depart…
For waiting there, with his arms open wide
                Was that boy with a song in his heart!

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