Work shower

So this past Thursday my sweet, new co-workers threw me our very first shower. I was so blown away by all their generosity that I got all emotional and teary! If you know me at all you know that I LOVE to give gifts and I LOVE to throw showers and parties so this whole being given gifts and being thrown showers has been a fun,difficult experience for me. I feel like I should be helping and have a VERY difficult time not helping in some way! I could not have been more blessed with the set of new coworkers that I have. When I graduated from nurse practitioner school I was really nervous about having to go and find a new job which meant-new hospital, new coworkers, new doctors, new role. This was especially sad and difficult because of the phenomenal friends/coworkers I had over the past 5 years at Presby Plano. I developed some of the greatest friendships there and miss them everyday! That place felt like home and it was the best first job any girl could ask for...first real job I should other job category includes: Sonic:) (yes I roller bladed:)), Kickboxing instructor at Baylor, Bath and Body Works and being a Nurse-Best, hardest, most rewarding job ever!! So without further ado pics from the shower....because I cannot post without pictures:) Read previous post about my love for pictures!!
Delicous, adorable cake, Kim's sister made

Party Poms...Ash found and out together, loved them

Sweet, gifts

In Love with these pillows, so glad they got them, this face is because at the bottom
they put my favorite Easter save for after the wedding diet:)

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