So we met with the oncology nurse yesterday, who we really liked!! We have loved everyone in his office, I love that they know how bad it sucks and tear up with us, comfort us and encourage us.

So my mom will be on 3 different types of chemotherapy: Adriamcyin, Taxol, and Carboplatin. Don't google them, I've already had to tell my dad to quit googling. It always just makes you worry more and not all info out there is correct. You heard me right, dad?! Quit googling:) Her first treatment will be next Tuesday in Dr. Munoz's office. She will be sitting for 5-6 hours to recieve all her premedications, chemo, and post hydration. She will recieve the chemo every 28 days due to the strength of one of the drugs. She will not feel well 3-4 days after chemo and her blood counts will be the lowest 7-19 days after so NO sick people around our house:)

     We sadly found out none of us could sit with her for those 5-6 hours:( Sad day, we would have been there every minute if we could. So because Dennis and I couldn't imagine poor mommy sitting bored we bought her this....

Isn't she adorable in her Tom and Jerry shirt and all:) Love her!!

So with that said. Send her emails, facebook posts, prayers, encouragement, uplifting bible studies so she will have plenty to read next Tuesday:) He even set her up a Netflix account on her Ipad, a sweet girl in my office has stocked her up with magazines and movies. Most importantly she needs your prayers. We are praying against any untoward side effects. No dry mouth, no aching joints and bones,no neuropathy, no adverse effects on her heart, no discoloring of her nails, NONE. Because of the type of cancer she has, he is being extremely aggressive with her chemo so we are praying in advance for NO side effects.

We still cannot thank you guys enough for your sweet prayers, all the meals you've provided, the encouragment, and I am SO, SO thankful for my BFF Jaimee and her sweet mother who are coming on Thursday evening to help us find her a wig. We are going to find her the MOST perfect wig, I will post pictures of that event come Thursday. Also, please be praying specifically for her PET scan tomorrow that there is NO lymph node involvement, and NO cancer anywhere else. We are believing strongly that there isn't since the other 3 surgeons didn't see anything in the operating room. Yes 3 surgeons-Dr. Auers, a general surgeon, and nephrologist. They found nothing, so we are hopefully praying that is, because there is NOTHING!!

I will do my best to keep everyone posted as best I can. Thanks again to each and everyone of you!

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