Finally the McDonald's

So we finally made it home....I have a gazillion pictures to sort through and we have had an incredible time laughing, reminiscing and looking through everyone's pictures. We finally made it home and couldn't wait to check out the progress of our house it went from this..

To this while we were gone....

We are SO excited and ready for it to be done! It seems like it has been the longest process and felt like it would never get here....p.s. we started this house building process in December with hopes that it would be done after the wedding...but due to a few hiccups (let's just say starting a house on the lot wrong= no bueno) we are hoping for it to be done in June...cross our fingers and say a few prayers!!

With that said and finished on to the most important details....We ARE finally Married! I couldn't be more ecstatic or excited. It was the most beautiful, incredible, way better than i could ever have dreamed of wedding weekend. I would not have changed a thing. We feel incredibly blessed and honored by all our family and friends that made the trip for the wedding. Having a destination wedding was by far the best decision we made. We made memories that will last us our is a vacation that we will never forget and we hope everyone there felt the same way. Since I have more pictures than I know what to do with I will try to just blog a new event over this next week. I thought I would start with my bridal pictures that have had to remain hidden for over a month now. Dennis was so cute and was like "I never got to see these, they are amazing babe," haha yes Dennis you're right you have seen these because you couldn't! Oh how I love him. So here are a few of my favorites. They were taken by my brother in law Kevin check out his website...he is incredible and reasonably

So tomorrow I promise I will have some time to blog and post more of our incredible weekend!! Jump over to my sweet BF's blog she had a sweet recap...and I ditto what she said, I don't know what I would have done the last 14 years without her...LOVE

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