HaIr is OveRrated anyway!

I mean really, hair is SO overrated anways!! Seriously think about the maintenance: washing, conditioning, drying, straightening, curling, cutting, coloring. I don't even want to calculate the hours and money in my lifetime that will have been spent on my hair.  My sweet mommy due to chemo will be losing her hair in the next 14-28 days. People hear cancer and automatically start thinking about people losing their hair. It was actually the very first thing my mom asked when we told her it was her sweet drugged up state she asked, "Am I going to lose my hair?" then looked at my dad and asked him how he felt about bald women!! Being vulnerable and losing your hair can be a scary thing, I can only imagine. I truly believe my mother is beautiful and with no hair she will be even more beautiful. It's in those times though that from the deepest part of your soul as a woman you just want to look and feel beautiful. The thought of my mom going through this and losing her hair has made her SO much more beautiful to me, so innocent, so vulnerable and sweet. She is at that place where we can enourage and lift her up because it is truly her inner beauty that makes her glow SO much more. I feel like she is one of those people that you can just feel and see God's love through her. She has the perfect small features, perfect skin tones, and beautifully unique hazel eyes that will be beautiful even with a bald head. We wanted her to feel beautiful for this whole process so my sweet BFF Jaimee, that I have talked about a lot and her sweet mom Cheryl came over for a little girl's night (with a little of my dad's opinion) to help us find what would make her feel vote was this one...

But she didn't think it complimeneted her skin tone well enough:)
NO but really look how adorable she is with even pink, its not the one we chose but it was still fun to try on.

Sweet Cheryl, what a blessing

Chaille with mom

Mom and I

My dad always wanted to see her as a blonde:)

Another with a little red, look at how beautiful

With her bump, adorable, my fave

LOVE her


Learning to tie scarves

So the funny picture I teased yesterday. My parents are honestly blessed with some precious, precious friends. One of which is John Hale who donated this......

What's that you ask?! It's his back hair....ubber gross, typical John Hale, and made for a good laugh. He sadly had to be informed that it takes at least 8 inches to make a wig!! Please head over to Pink Heart Funds and check out this phenomenal organization Cheryl works for. So blessed and proud of all she has done.

Oh thank goodness for sweet friends. And even more importantly thank you God for the meaning of this weekend. Hope everyone has a happy, blessed Easter.

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