Hope and Faith

I hope everyone had a wonderful, happy Easter weekend. I know my family had a much needed weekend of family and relaxation. I worked all weekend but got off perfect timing on Saturday to go to the Village with my family and just in time for Easter egg hunting and Dennis' cooking Sunday night.

The Boys...thanks to Dennis they had grilled chicken for lunch and we had delicious blue cheese burgers for dinner!

So tomorrow my mom starts her chemo. She will get there at 9:30 and be there for about 6 hours. We are moving forward with HOPE and trusting in FAITH that God is already doing a miraculous work in our mom and is just building her up for an incredible story later. Please pray for peace, comfort and NO side effects over the next few days. She got to have a sweet prayer time with her precious friend, Cinda. Thank you God for Cinda, talk about a powerful prayer warrior. Here is pic of them....love them both dearly. We did not get PET scan results from the doctor but are saying NO news is good news. We will know them tomorrow and will keep you posted. 

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  1. I'll be praying for your mom all day tomorrow! And you! Love you guys, glad you got to enjoy a restful weekend! : )