La Boda Recap-#1-March 31st

Sorry for my missing blogging on Sunday like I promised....I worked at Acute Kids and we were crazy busy so I came home pooped, exhausted, and spent...thanks to my sweet hubby (Aw..I love calling him that) I came down with bronchitis on the last day of our honeymoon and am slowing coughing my way to with that said...

I am going to start our sweet La Boda (i.e. wedding in espanol for those who aren't good at spanglish:) recap on the day we left. I was really excited to relearn this word while on our honeymoon we were watching a movie and when they kept saying wedding "la boda" would come across the TV...I looked at Dennis with excitement when I realized this term..then to make matters even more fun I came home and my sweet BFF Jaimee had used it in the title to her blog recapping our wedding! Oh the little things that make me smile.

March 31st....The beginning of the best trip ever, to make things more exciting the flight only had 53 people on it 26 of which were headed to Mexico for our wedding:)

"The Three Amigos"


Sweet gifts from my sissys!

That's how big he is now:)

Starting the trip off right...bloody mary and caffeine!
The Vo's

Love the Zotter's

The Granberry's---thanks for 1st class upgrade:)

The Ellis's!

The Sneed's

The Laws
Ready to get married

Sweet family

Dad and Grandma

That's US:)

We arrived, welcome champagne and all:)

So excited that we made it! First electric lemonade:) Delicious

My sweet family

View from JoJo's

So proud of my sweet lil sis
Welcome, thank you bags!

I think he was tired of pictures:)

Dinner at Fuentes then out to Swing bar!! Loved getting to meet Eric!

Love this girl...such a sweet friend!

Too much fun at the swing bar..time to call it a night:)

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