DeeAnn 1 Cancer 0

For those who have been there to pray for and encourage us, my mom's port went SO great Monday! She did so well:) They even ended up just using light medicine to put it in and didn't have to put her completely to sleep and intubate her which = fast recovery and safer. It will be so nice for her to have.

Yesterday was her second round of chemo and once again she looked adorable in her little chemo chair, chatting with all the women. This round went really well, she was so thankful for her port. They kept it accessed so she avoided all needles unlike the 3 she had last time.

And the BEST news her CA 125 tumor marker is 6!!! To put this in perspective and explain this, it was 236 right after her surgery which showed she had active cancer. The 6 report that we just recieved from her blood work last week means her chemo is working:) We are praying and pleading with God to make this it. NO more cancer after this, NO more reaccurance. Thank you, thank you for all your sweet prayers and thoughfulness.

Once again I have been blown away by our sweet friends. My BFF Jaimee's sweet mom brought us a fun Memorial day picnic, what an adorable idea.

Fun Memorial day theme:)

Notepad I got for my mom & dad after her port :) It's kind of an inside joke but my dad hates that their is never paper by the phone so now she has one:)

And my adorable coworker Ashley, of The Sweet Southern Life, surprised me Monday with a Chicken Pesto for our family. This sweet, thoughtful meal was truly a blessing as was the one from Cheryl...Dennis and I are going out of town for the weekend so I have been stressed this week of chemo about meals for my mom but it's incredible how amazing God is. We have had people volunteer without being asked to bring food. So incredible!! This was delicious, I will have to get her recipe and share!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that has been there for us!!

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