First round down!!

We are officially 5 days out of my mom's first chemo. I am incredibly impressed and blessed by how well she has done. She has remained positive and strong. Biggest complaints are: metallic taste in her mouth, feeling like a granny (I had to get an explanation for what she meant by this and it equated to feeling tired), and hating taking so many drugs. Exciting news... she made it to my sissy's Senior Marquette banquet...she looked incredible...LOOK...

Beautiful girls with beautiful mommies!!

Prayer requests: 
1. NO more metallic taste in her mouth
2. Peace and comfort
3. Strength and increased appetite
4. More peace and comfort

Mornings have been exceptionally difficult so we cry often and pray more. So in the mornings if you think about our sweet mommy, please say a little prayer for her!!

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