Heaven is for real & Prayers needed

I read this book last night in about 2 hours. It is a must read. It is incredible and makes me desire to have a more child like faith!

Prayers needed: My mom is getting her port today at 2:00, prayers please!! Her blood counts have been incredible both times it has been checked since her first round of chemo. She gets her second round of chemo tomorrow. She has been feeling well over the last several weeks. We enjoyed a really long relaxing walk last night and are prayerful that it will be the same after her next round.

Specific prayers:
~That the port insertion goes well
~That the port access goes easily every single time and as little pain as possible
~Peace for my mom during her second round of chemo on Tuesday
~No metallic taste in her mouth after this round
~Good appetite
~Increased energy
~Adequate white blood cells after chemo
~NO anemia after this round of chemo
~Clear PET scan in 2 months (Well forever and always)

Mom and 2 of her bald boys!

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