Memorial Day weekend

Another holiday weekend come and gone...I hope your weekend was full of fun, family, and friends! So thankful to all those who have fought for us and those who have sacrificed so their loved ones could fight for our freedom. Dennis and I had a nice weekend at Lake Travis with the Stroh's once again. They are so sweet and generous and allow us all to come in crash/trash their place, enjoy their place (I help clean up of course) for the weekend.

Friday we drove down, in horrible traffic I might add and Dennis and I made it in approximately 5 hours. We had dinner that night, enjoyed some catching up, then I turned in to bed early (every night I was first in bed, sad yes), but it has obviously been a busy, emotional and stressful last few months. Here are a few fun pics from that night...

Let the Stroh cookoff and party begin!

The lake was too low for us to actually put the boat in so we decided to go and enjoy Spice Wood Winery and Krause Springs!! Relaxing, enjoyed beautiful nature, great wine and great friends...

Yes, I had to join in on the cliff jumping like old times at Possum Kingdom!

Walker vs cow!! And Walker wins!

Sunday we were lazy, had delicious breakfast then headed to Stone House Winery then headed to the lake for some more relaxing and sun!! Sunday night we had our annual cook off. This year we decided to join in as the girls and we did an appetizer cook off AND...drum roll please..... I WON:) My crab cakes won!! Yay in a household where my husband kicks my butt in the kitchen on a daily basis with his incredible cooking skills, I was so excited....Even more exciting my sweet mom with no appetite this week after chemo has also enjoyed them:) I did a practice run for her and she loved them, I brought her the left overs also and it is what she had for breakfast.

Girl's appetizers...mine's the crab cake (The winner;)) in the upper right corner, they were all delish though!

Winning chicken

Cook off winners...Walker won chicken cook off, and me the appetizer (Please pardon the no makeup!)

And actual Memorial day, Dennis and I drove home, went by our house where we have tile, yes tile:) So exciting, it is looking like a house!! Then we headed to my grandparents for a quick cookout and some pool time....

Loving all of Holt's new faces:)

All in all I would say restful, blessed weekend! Hope yours was fantastic as well.

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