Mother's day weekend wrap up

This Mother's Day was extra special in light of everything that has happened over the last month. I have ALWAYS loved and cherished time with my family and especially my mom but this year it was more surreal, made me really look and appreciate all that I have and all that our sweet mom has done.

Mom was finally feeling better this week so she felt up to taking a small road trip to Huntsville to go to our second cousin's (who is like a first cousin) wedding in New Waverly. The wedding was at this adorable small chapel with the reception at a Manor down the street. It was good for my mom to get out and enjoy herself.

Grandma got out on the dance floor for some Cuban Shuffle:) She said weddings and any event with dancing can be hard because, man did our sweet papa love dancing or what. He was quite the charmer on the dance floor, but we were glad my grandma could join us to dance:)

Then when we drove in on Sunday we had a little family cookout! Always my fave, my dad cooked out steak, chicken and fish:) He's incredible-such a servant, patient, encouraging-he has been so sweet to our mom. I love getting to watch them grow closer through this trial.

Isn't she adorable...showing off her new pearl necklace:) Love her.

I have caught myself in the past several years saying and doing things just like my mom and though I used to think, "Oh no, I'm turning into my mom." I am now honored and pray everyday that I will become more and more like her. She is the most beautiful, selfless, honoring, patient, encouraging, selfless, God serving, precious, selfless woman I know. Yes, yes I threw in selfless multiple times...because she truly is she has sacrificed and served so much as a mommy, wife, and friend. I think God more and more everyday for her, I am honored to be her little "Sunshine."


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