Yay, yay, yay we have progress!! The outside of the house is almost done:) Yay we will have a house in 45 days!!

So this past weekend/week has been busy. Friday night, Dennis and I had a sweet date night with my parents after the boys did some yard work to Fish City. It was delicious. We topped it off with some delicious yogurt from Yogurt Story.

Hannah had prom this weekend, she looked GORGEOUS. And our sweet mom looked incredible sporting her wig. It has and will be an adjustment for her, but I am SO proud of how she is doing. She looks beautiful no matter what:)

Then Saturday Dennis and I got to go stay here.....
The Gaylord
Thanks to my sweet parents on Saturday night. It worked out perfect because Dennis had wanted to take me there this coming weekend, but we got to go and enjoy it for free instead. We enjoyed some delicious wine at their wine bar, hung out at the little Sports bar then had a yummy breakfast Sunday morning before I headed off to work and he headed to go skeet shooting (way more fun than working, I was jealous).

My parents, I know I have said over and over, have some incredible friends, they have had a "Survivor watching party" with the Hale's and Milacek's for who knows how long. John Hale was the one who donated his back hair here.  Well, when she went over on Sunday they were all like this....

Adorable. Love them. love that they can love and encourage my parents even through the hardest times.

Monday night I finally got to have a girl's night and catch up with these girls...(minus Amy who couldn't come) :( It was a much needed get together for me. We laughed, we cried, we caught up. I miss working with and seeing these girls all the time. They have been there for me through SO much. Sweet Emily and Shanna gave my mom a gift bag full of movies and magazines, candy, gum.....I'm telling you, I am blown away by the sweetness and thougthfulness of so many people in our lives right now. The gift made my mom and I both cry.

And last night we went to see the house again and have dinner with the Stroh's....and I got invited to join her book club:) I'm super excited I've never done one but love to read...they are reading Water for Elephants so I better jump on it and go buy it. So sweet, can't wait!!
So incredible blessed with such sweet friends.

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