"What's it gonna bee?"

This past weekend I had some much needed girl's time. I helped co-host (My assistance was sub-par with everything going on, so thankful for sweet Jaimee who did most of the work) a sweet baby shower for one of my sweetest friends. I know that I have expressed my love for throwing showers before but I wanted to reiterate that. I love throwing showers:)  Mrs. Ashley and her hubby aren't finding out the sex of their baby until he/she is born, love, love the idea, so hence the theme "What's it gonna bee?" Her hubby collects Pez dispensers so I was SO excited when I found these:

The spread:

All the details:

Sweet Friends:

James could be a party planner:) If we ever get bored with what we do we have decided we will just plan parties!!
This is my sweet shower/party planning buddy...can't wait for many more showers...

...starting with Lauren's in June!

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