Chemo #3 down

Mom did great through her 3rd round of chemo yesterday!! She was very anxious going into it over getting her port accessed for the first time. Just anticipation of how it would feel and how the process would go using it. Plus she thinks the needle they use to access it looks like a roofing needle. When she walked in for her chemo there was already someone sitting in her usual spot/her usual comfy chair, so she had to pick a new one. It is really neat because at Dr. Munoz's office they have pillows and blankets for the patients to use if they'd like during their chemo. We found it very fitting that the chair my mom chose to sit in yesterday had a blanket that said "Peace" on it.  I prayed for lots of peace for her as I walked back over to work, then I got this text messages shortly after...


Yay for no pain when they accessed it. For those of you who have never seen a port, there is a picture below. It is implanted under the skin on the chest. My mom's is a double lumen which means theres basically 2, so you can imagine the lumpiness on her tiny frame. We are praying for decreased discomfort from it and that her body get used to it being there. She did say it was much better than having multiple IV sticks like the first time.

So like Hannah said yesterday on Facebook "Prayers for my mommy today. she will be kicking some cancer butt back where it came from!" I love it, so simple, and SO true.

She will be getting a ECHO of her heart (because one of the drugs Adriamycin is hard on the heart) and repeat CT/PET scan, and meeting with Dr. Munoz again in the next 2-3 weeks. So July will be full of lots of testing, and in turn lots of GOOD news:)

Thank you again for all your encouragement, meals, prayers, etc!!

3 rounds down, 3 to go!!

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