I heart birthdays but hate getting old!!

So I have always Loved, loved birthdays!! I'm sure most people do, but I really Love them. When I was 5 I held up both my hands and told my mom, "I want dis many more birfdays."  I still feel that way but it has started to lose its appeal as the reality of getting OLD has hit. Something about the 27th birthday was a turning point for me, nothing magic about 27 it was just the one where I really started to feel old. But with that said I still love to celebrate them I think I'm just going to stop adding years:)

Here's a recap of our festivities:
 Hannah had to go out of town so she decorated the house before she left!!
Zebra and all, fits me to a tee:)

 So sweet
 My sweet hubby and I!
 Love my sisters! Chaille and Heather (and their hubbies) chipped in so I could get some new Zebra Danskos:) Way too generous, but I'm So excited!

 Love my new frame and earrings from Hannah
 Sweet parents on my birthday
 Yay, Dennis got me the new lens I wanted, I have been wanting it since my friend Jayme started shooting with hers:) Can't wait to experiment with it. Next I want the lens like Miss Jaimee (24-70mm f/2.8) and the Canon 7D! Just swooning and dreaming of those!
Headed out for my birthday dinner:)

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