What I'm loving Wednesday

1. I'm loving....

That my sweet husband is a Master Chef in the kitchen! He is incredible:) Best part is he loves to cook!! I like to cook and my like is slowly growing into love as I learn more and more from him!! i.e. having to come ask him exactly which part of the green onion I was suppose to cut for our dinner tonight, but he answers sometimes annoyed, so sweet when I ask such simple, basic questions!

Delicious kabobs he made last night per my sweet mom's request:)

2. I'm loving...

Aqua...my fave right now, aqua with coral!

3. I'm loving...

Pinterest...I was first introduced to it by Samantha while discussing her sweetie pies first birthday party. I request an invite and crazily the next day my BFF Jaimee was blogging all about it also. I don't completely have the hang of it, it is automatically having me follow people and such which I'm not sure how to stop that but it is so fun!! It helps my OCD and love for planning ALL things wonderful!!

Woohoo...let the planning begin!

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