4th of July weekend wrap up

I know, I know this is a late post, my life continues to be crazy busy despite no more school! I thought it would slow down but apparently "Slow down" is NO where in my vocabulary:)

We started the weekend off with taking dinner to my sweet, sweet friend Ashley and her new family!! I'm in love with Baby Wyatt, he is precious and So good. I love sitting and talking with Ashley about the adventures of parenthood.

Umm...doesn't she look incredible! I hope I look half this good after a baby!
We took over a Pepperoni calzone, fruit pizza and salad. It was my first time trying out both these recipes so I was very pleased when Ashley said they loved them.

Saturday night..we got to go to the Rangers game, thanks to Miss Hannah's sweet friend Zach!! We were 8 rows up!! Perfect!

On July 4th, we took my family to see our finished house:) Then furniture shopped, finally bought a refrigerator and watched fireworks!

 Our job for the day was to decide on the color wood for our wood floors and TV stand!! It was a success! Building a house has been fun, stressful, overwhelming, caused me to second guess every decision and choice we made! So thankful it is done and ready to close:)

Hope everyone had a happy, blessed 4th of July!!

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