God is Good

After our good news last Thursday my mom came home to this cake made by my youngest sister Hannah!! Hannah is just plain adorable to begin with but isn't this just precious:)

I have told my mom to let me know if there is anything she ever wants me to post for people to read on my blog to let me know. She emailed this to me today to post. She was tearful this morning heading to chemo...I think after 4 months you are just ready to be done, well from day 1 you are ready to be done but she is really ready now!! So hear is what she wanted me to let you know:)

The lady across from me is reading verses Lamentations 3:22-23 to us.
She is wearing an I am Second bracelet.
Another lady is reading her Bible--
We are having a Jesus Party!!

See isn't God good. He knew just what ladies she needed to be surrounded by today during her 6-8 hours in her chemo chair. I prayed for peace, comfort, protection of her good cells today, and complete healing.

4 rounds down after today with 2 left to go!!

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