Prayer Requests

So we are continuing on our road to kicking some cancer butt.  Please be prayful for us this week as my mom has a repeat PET/CT scan and ECHO tomorrow and a follow up appointment with Dr. Munoz on Thursday.  We are prayful and hopeful that the PET/CT scan will remain CANCER FREE/NO Metastatic cancer!!! And that her ECHO will show that the chemo has had no untoward effects on her heart. An echo is basically a sonogram of her heart to assure that all her valves are working just as before because one of her chemos, Adrimaycin can be difficult on your heart.

We are anxiously waiting for our appointment with Dr. Munoz to discuss mom's progress and plans for the future and maintenance chemo.

She has 3 rounds down, 3 more to go!!

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