Foto Friday

So I have decided one of the best ideas/inventions was the cellphone camera. I have over 800 pictures on my iPhone. I love it, I take pictures when I see something I like, need to show something to someone and I can email or text it to them, I've taken pictures of our house progress and have sent many pictures to update my mom, I can get peoples opinions on something before I buy it, I can take a picture of a recipe and have it right there to get the things I need at the grocery store, and the list goes on and on. So in honor of my obsessive iPhone picture taking I thought I would start Foto Friday and recap my photos for the week. I'm sure some weeks will be more boring than others but we will see. I just thought this way I could delete some off my phone and share them:) 
My flowers, sweet Dennis picked up the flowers for me while he was on one of his zillion Lowe's runs!
My and her beautiful new wig
My DIY project I actually completed:)
Cake pops, cake pops and more cake pops!

Dixie's summer hairdo!

Hope you have a fabulous Friday and even more fabulous weekend!

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