Foto Friday

Sorry for my lack of Foto Friday last week, I'm already failing at my weekly plan but it was a crazy week. I'm going to try again. I shockingly only took a few pictures with my iPhone these last couple weeks.

My next project already have my eye on one of these typesets at our antique store!

Getting ready for sweet Lanie's 1 year old birthday party at our house tomorrow!

Yay, our custom entertainment center is finally done and I can start finishing up our living room.
The rug we ordered came in the wrong color so we are still working on that fix, but our ottoman will be here today, yipee!!

And chewing dog + new house = angry, crying mommy!!
Who wants to have to pay to have their brand new house fixed. Oh Zoe was in trouble and to top it off earlier this week Dixie decided to mark her territory on our new wool Zebra rug! Yes our dogs are in serious trouble with us!! But we still love them!

So that's it!! Pictures in a nut shell!

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