Off to college

So Sunday we helped our sweet little Hannah Banana unpack at college. It seems to surreal, it literally seems like it wasn't that long ago that I took her as my "show and tell" in 4th grade. I was such a proud big sister! I LOVED every minute of being a big sister. We had this tradition of giving each other eskimo kisses, then butterfly kisses, then cheek to cheek. Can't believe that lil Hannah is all grown up!! I can't even begin to describe how proud of her I am. She has become the most beautiful, stunning young lady. She is not only gorgeous but she has the most precious personality. I will miss her daily hugs and our random dance offs. I am SO thankful that she won't be far away and I can always drive up for a night and get my "Hannah fix." I pray daily that the Lord blesses immensely this next journey in her life, that He teach her, mold her, and prepare the perfect future and husband for her. So proud of you sweet Hannah, you have blessed everyone around you far more than you could ever imagine!! We are so thankful for our MIRACLE HANNAH!!! (Not sure if everyone knows but after our dad broke his neck he was told he possibly would not be able to have anymore children so Hannah is truly our special gift and miracle!!)

Love these beautiful women, we missed you Chaille!

Hannah's college survival kit from Dennis and I

Hannah and her roomie Erin!

Our dad,what a trooper don't know what we'd do without him!

Hannah recap:

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