Time flies

Geez..it has been a CRaZy busy last few weeks. I feel like the days, weeks have just flown by. It has been a whirlwind since closing on our house July 15th. We closed on our house and literally 30 minutes later had people ripping up the new carpet to lay out hard wood floors. While I Love, Love, Love the floors man was that one long process....laying floors, let them sit a week, then stain, then polyurethane 3 times and finally on Friday we could put furniture on our floors. See progress below...

6 men, 4.5 hours later and each piece of wood is perfectly placed!! Incredible to watch.

Before staining

Finally stained and dry...ready for furniture. Please ignore the wire on the wall they were
trying to keep it off the floor:)

I will post pics with furniture soon but until then I will leave you with this pic of me and my friend Em...we went to Painting with a Twist for her bday this weekend. So fun, highly recommend it. We painted, I swear, the most difficult of all paintings but had so much fun.

 The group!

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