What I'm loving Wednesday

1. I'm Loving...

I love it because I can put together any outfit and learn more fun things to do with clothes. I even used it to arrange the colors and furniture in my living room!! Swoon, love!!


2. I'm Loving...

That my sweet mama only has one more round of chemo!! Yes, thank you Lord! I know she is SO ready and we are just as ready for her to be done. She just got her second to last round yesterday so please be praying for her over the next week as her body recovers and fights this cancer:)

3. I'm Loving...

That I basically have a live in chef. My sweet hubby Loves to cook and I mean LOVES, he even enjoys all the cooking shows!! What this means for me is meals being cooked when I get home from work!! So blessed! Here are just a few of his recent meals:

These were both delicious. I helped with these and have since made this mac and cheese twice:)
Stuffed green peppers: <via>  Three cheese macaroni and cheese <via>

Delicious BLT and Boursin cheese sandwich!! Don't have a recipe for this my sweet hubby made it up but it was delicious! He hates that I take pictures of our meals by the way but I do it anyway:) Please note the flowers, he actually remembered it was our 4 month anniversary !! Too sweet,definitely a keeper!

There are many more delicious meals in our house, I will have to start saving recipes and taking pictures to share! 
 4. I'm Loving...

That I get to have sushi and celebrate with this girl tonight:)

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