What I'm Loving Wednesday

1. I'm loving...I have been in love with this dress forever and it is on sale:)

2. I'm loving...this dress also, i have been obsessed with it forever, I  haven't purchased either of these because I honestly probably have enough long dresses.

3. I'm loving...that I'm in a book club, I know, I know that probably makes me old but lets face it, dang, I am getting old:( This is the next book we are reading...Happy reading!

4. I'm loving... little Dixie...please be praying for her, we spent another few hours at the Vet once again. An xray, blood work, antinausea medicine, antibiotics, and subcutaneous fluids and $400 later she probably has pancreatitis:( This is how puney she looked yesterday...my sad little girl
Look at her big ole belly. When she didn't greet me at the door yesterday I knew something was
wrong :( Headed to the vet today for more blood work. keep us in your prayers.

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