Foto Friday

Recap of the week in photos:

I'm hoping to provide a link up soon and get a little better quality picture for the top but after this busy week this will have to work. The camera in the picture is extra special to me it belonged to my sweet papa that I talk about here. He gave it to me about 6 months before he passed away and I LOVE it!! It has a special place on our entertainment center:)

Oh my sweet Dansko's!! How I love thee but I hate the squeaking that you do. I have 4 pairs of Dansko's but these have seemed to squeak since day one. One of the neurosurgeons told me this week they needed some WD40. So that was the last straw I contacted Dansko and they are exchanging them for me:) Yay!! Can't wait. I think I will get some embossed ones:)

Sweet Zoe enjoying the Zotter's blanket we used. We bought that old antique chest from them you can see in the background. I heart it so much. They lent us the blanket it to pad it and Zoe is enjoying it!

Our media chairs are in:) Yay, finally now for a screen and projector!! On another note, I'm extremely annoyed because the incompetent guy that helps me with paint at Lowe's must have mixed my last batch wrong because it doesn't match. This took SO much work and now we have to do more work.

And oh my goodness I'm in love with this my grandma had framed and made for me.  That picture in the upper right hand corner is from 2nd grade. Oh the things that were important at that age. To only have just those worries again!

And that's a wrap. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!

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