Last round, last round

Just dropped my sweet mama off with her Frulatti smoothie for her last round of her intial chemotherapy. I know we have all been ready for this day and so has she. Please be prayful for her over the next several weeks that she heals well and quickly. Please be praying for much peace for all of us, wisdom for Dr. Munoz and strength for my mom over the next few weeks as we look forward to future plans. She will get a PET/CT scan and Echo in 2 weeks then we will meet with Dr. Munoz to discuss our future options. He has discussed with us a second surgery and possible maintenance chemo but nothing is decided until we get her next PET scan results. We are hopeful in that there will be NO cancer and that nothing unneccessary be done from here forward. Thank you, thank you, thank you again to everyone who has loved and supported us through this time with prayers, meals and encouragement.

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