All Clear

My mom had her after chemotherapy PET/CT scan last week and we met with Dr. Munoz to discuss the results today and....
it was clear, no cancer! I seriously think when they opened the door to let us into the office I had a mini-anxiety attack, I felt feverish and flushed, I don't know if waiting for answers like that would ever be easy, ever. After waiting in his office for over 2 hours he walks in and says so nonchalantly her scan is clear, totally normal. Oh my goodness does he even realize how important that statement is to people. Seems like he should come in floating on a cloud or something to deliver this incredible news. So the rest of the appointment went well he decided on no second look surgery, thank God, this is what we have been praying for.  He did however say she will be doing maintenance chemo which my sweet, hopeful mommy was dreaming it wouldn't be necessary and us wishing that for her, unfortunately maintenance chemo is almost always necessery. She will be getting chemo once a week for 3 weeks, then get an off week. She will do this for 3-6 months (he was a little inconsistent on whether it was 3 or 6 months), we were also extremely in overloaded and should have asked for clarification one more time, I did take notes I promise;) She will be getting a half dose of Taxol one of the chemotherapy agents she was getting before and Avastin, an incredible drug that blocks the formation of new blood vessels that support a growing tumor or cancer cell, starving it of nutrients. I know no maintenance would have been ideal, but we are hopeful and prayerful that this maintenance chemo will prevent any future cancer, EVER!!! Clear cell epithelial ovarian cancer is known to reoccur in other areas, but we are saying NO, no, not ever, anywhere in precious DeeAnn's body! Thank you Jesus!!!

Thank you all for your continued love and support. Thank you mom for being SO incredible through all of this. Thank you for teaching and molding us through this experience! Praise you Lord for healing and protection. Oh I forgot to mention, Adriamycin the harsh chemo my mom was on that can harm your heart, did not touch her a matter a fact the older gentleman that did her last echo said she had a perfect textbook heart! Thank you, thank you, thank you! The power of prayer is incredible!  

Speaking of prayer while waiting in the office my mom was telling me how fervently she prayed for us (me and my sisters) while she was pregnant and how strongly she was called to prayer. So thankful for that and know and pray I will do the same one day. I know that that praying for us has never ceased either, she is truly the best prayer warrior. 

LOVE HER MORE THAN SHE KNOWS!! Thank you mom for what a beautiful daughter of Christ you are and what a blessing you are to SO many people!

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