Gift ideas

For the record, let me just tell you how much I LOVE to give gifts! I find more pleasure and fulfillment in giving gifts than receiving gifts. Sometimes I wish I was a millionaire just so I could give gifts to everyone:) So recently I have had several friends call me for creative gift ideas and it made me think about all the creative gifts I've given and received lately (with Pinterest I doubt I'll get those calls much anymore:). So for today I thought I would do a short little blog on some gifts that we have given and received lately.

Father's Day-easy tie label:) For my sweet daddy this past Father's day!

Champagne and Williams Sonoma kitchen towelswe gave Miss Ashley for her house warming
party..her blog here

Girlie gift for Miss Laci's baby shower-bloomers, bows, and socks

Hannah's college survival gift from Dennis and I..the essentials!

I was truly blown away and blessed by all the sweet gifts we got for our housewarming/Dennis birthday party! I was not expecting a single one and loved them all! Here are some of the cute ones that I remembered to take pictures of:

Our house pictures from Noelle and Holt:) Love them!

Loved the way Samantha presented this bottle of wine with it's cute fall decor!
It will stay like this couldn't bare to take it off.

Cute gift from the Law's family! Perfect for us!

And then I was SO excited when unpacking and I found this jewel. When I was going through a really tough time in life my sweet friend Ashley...her blog here...gave this to me, each piece of paper had an encouragement or verse for me to read each day!! Ashley over 5 years later I am still blessed by this:)

These are just a few examples that I was able to find that I actually took pictures of. What is your creative go to gift?

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