Ponytail drive

Sorry for being MIA since Monday it has been a crazy week.... my mom's incredible appointment Monday, huge Medical City goes Pink event on Wednesday, book club, family in town...man it was crazy!!

I want to share what we did at Medical City goes Pink....

Cheryl and Allison...so thankful to Pink Heart Funds who have helped my mom find 2 wigs and help children and women affected by cancer

Over 25 ponytails, >250 inches

The beautiful girls of Salon Rene that came and cut off ponytails and helped style hair after!

10.5 inches shorter!!

I have always wanted to be able to donate my hair unfortunately thin, stringy hair usually doesn't do extremely long well so I always cut it before I had enough hair to donate. After my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and talking to countless women about how emotionally, hard losing your hair is as a woman I felt SO driven to donate and not only donate but get other people involved. I started talking to people at work who were interested. So we decided on a ponytail donation drive along with Medical City's big "Go Pink" campaign. It turned out even more incredible than I could ever imagine.

The end result:
  • over 25 ponytail donations
  • >250 inches in beautiful hair
  • enough ponytails donated for about 5 wigs
  • Money donations for at least 1 wig
I was truly blessed and honored to be a part of this. It was even more special because 3 incredible women who are cancer butt kickers, as I like to call them were able to join for the event.

I was told by a lot of people they saw part of the event on the news. It was pretty incredible the event ended up on all news channels, they had actually interviewed my mom and I together (I cried through the whole interview so it was probably too scary to air:) I am SO incredibly thankful to Cheryl of Pink Heart Funds and the girl's of Salon Rene! I am forever indebted to all that they did. I cannot describe the emotions that were felt that day! Thank you to ALL that were involved. I am forever blessed

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