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I'm going to start by saying my hubby and I had the most incredible trip touring all of the San Fran, Napa, and surrounding areas and by all, I mean ALL...why you might ask?! Well sometimes my attention to detail can be a problem (especially when life is busy and stressful) and the week before we were suppose to leave I discovered that the place we were booked to stay was in San Diego, yep haha, and we were booked to be flying into San Fran. Only me, only me, and to make matters worse, the biggest corporate event EVER, the Oracle convention was going on in San Fran so there was Zero availability at hotels unless we wanted to pay over $600 a night. So what did we end up doing, let me enlighten you...we hotel/bed and breakfast hopped ALL over!! It was incredible..just a side note somehow I forgot my driver's license got on the plane without it my parents overnight it to us at our first hotel in Berkeley (so thankful for my parents:) I will recap our week events...if anyone ever asked me what they should do while in San Fran I would definitely suggest what we did. We saw everything we wanted to in San Fran and also all the incredible outlying areas!! PERFECTION!!

We flew Virgin Airlines for this trip and LOVED it!! It is so incredible, you can watch on google map where you are in the air the whole time, movies, music, order drinks/food from your computer monitor and WiFi, oh my!
 So after arriving in San Fran we drove around exploring for a little while and cruised over the incredible Golden Gate bridge. Our hotel was a great Marriot on the bay in Berkeley. That night per my dad's suggestion we went to Jack London's Square and ate at Scott's Seafood was delicious, by far my favorite fish! Plus look at the view...beautiful, we even got to watch the sunset while thoroughly enjoying ourselves!


Sunday morning we woke up had a delicious breakfast overlooking the bay and were in great debate on whether we should go to the Raider's game. After much debate we decided to go. Let me tell you it was quite the experience, I was thoroughly entertained by the events going on around us. If you ever decide to go I highly suggest you MUST wear black and no matter what you do that day you are an Oakland Raiders fan:) Also..if possible I suggest you have a 6'2'' husband who can double as a body guard! It was quite scary walking through the tailgate to the game!

After the game we found downtown Berkeley that we fell in love with. We went to eat at a really small quaint italian place close to campus! We were in love with these fried olives! Then Dennis (my adorable little history buff) found Indian Rock Park where we climbed up a huge rock and you could see all of San Francisco.
In Berkeley after dinner we stopped by a small wine shop and guess what we found, Crosby wine!
I was so excited!

We headed to downtown San Francisco and stayed at my very first Bed and Breakfast in San Rafael!
It was rainy that day but we still enjoyed walking around, enjoying some clam chowder, seeing the sea lions on Pier 39, and definitely lots of walking.

I was so glad so many of the girl's I work with had been to San Fran so they helped me plan out our trip. We went to Ghiradelli square that they suggested and enjoyed the best hot chocolate I have ever had as well as chocolate fudge ice cream. Yum!

We walked and drove the infamous Lombard street! I was entertained by how the road looked on my iPhone:)

That night using Diners, Drive-ins and Dives app we downloaded on our phone we found a delicious restaurant Sol Food in San Rafael! After eating there we headed back to our bed and breakfast for the night and hung out all night enjoying an elderly men's jazz band in their restaurant. We also enjoyed the best dessert I have ever had, some chocolate mousse cake:) Delish!

We headed to Alcatraz! We took a big ferry over then spent several hours touring and enjoying ourselves.
We were starving after our tour and went to another Diners, Drive ins and Dives suggested: Ike's place. The most outrageous could add mozzarella sticks, onion rings, anything you could imagine! I just got a plain turkey sandwich with avocado and yes, of course Dennis got some crazy sandwich with mozzarella sticks. Mine was delicious!! Only downfall is they have absolutely NO seating so finding somewhere to enjoy our sandwiches..well with my poor navigation skills didn't happen so well:)
We then went and took the infamous Golden Gate bridge pictures! It was still cold and rainy, the picture here we actually got with the self turned out better than the one we had someone take for us:)
Dennis (remember the history buff comment earlier) then found this old Fort that was never used! It was pretty incredible and I got some really cool pictures from it. We explored this area for about 2 hours:) If only we had brought hiking gear and it wasn't raining we would have been there all day I'm sure!

Wednesday we headed Napa...probably one of our favorite was just beautiful, relaxing and of course we love wine tasting!!

We started at Breggo Cellars and are officially members of their white wine club and then headed to our tour at Robert Mondavi. We loved this tour because we got to actually walking through the vineyards and taste the grapes marked for what kind of wine they would make!

We then checked in to our next bed and breakfast then went to this incredible little market in downtown Napa. I was in love, I would love to open one in Dallas! Dennis enjoyed oysters while I munched on a mini cupcake. Later that night we went to Zuzu's a really popular Tapas and wine place! We were stuffed so we only tried a few!

Thursday we continued our wine tasting festivies. Our favorites were Robert Biale (where we got our own private tour and got to watch them stomp the grapes pictured above) and Prager Port's (the pictures with the dollars hanging everywhere...definitely a strange small place but the best port ever)! We didn't eat much so we were hungry and grabbed some delicious cheese and crackers along the way. I'm in love with the Dean and Deluca, I wanted everything! After a long day in Napa and Yountsville we headed to downtown San Fran for the next couple nights!


Friday morning we waited in line at Dottie's for a big breakfast (thanks for the suggestion Leah), it was delicious! We then rode on the famous cable cars back down to Fisherman's wharf. On our way back we stopped for lunch/dinner at The Stinking Rose and passed through Chinatown.

The best part of Friday was getting to sit along the beach and watch the air show that included the Blue Angels.

 Such an incredible week!
It was a much needed distraction from the stressors in life and was a great trip. Definitely would recommend it to anyone! So thankful for my sweet mom and dad for taking care of our dogs, making sure our house was still standing, for picking us up and taking us to the airport, oh and for overnighting my drivers license! Don't know what we would do without you!

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