What I'm Loving Wednesday

1. I'm loving... family
Dennis' brothers came in town this weekend. We had a great time celebrating his Dad's 70th birthday with a cook out at our house Friday night, celebrating Lexi's bday Saturday morning then enjoying lunch and seeing Melissa and Joe's new beautiful home (one day Dennis and I will have him build us a custom home, as soon as we find a neighborhood close that would allow it), then family pictures on Sunday morning bright and early. It was a fantastic weekend besides a few hiccups i.e. 114 being closed causing us to sit in traffic for hours almost missing Lexi's party and Dennis working Saturday and me having to rush to work Sunday but all in all a fun weekend.

2. I'm loving...the cooler weather
It means sweaters, boots, and scarves. I am dreaming of all of these items...particularly the boots, jeans, purse (as you can tell I've used this one before), and the watch...hint, hint Dennis:)


3. I'm loving...these go to recipes!!
These are both delicious dishes and I have fallen in love. I have served them to others and they agree:)

Here are the sides with a delicious filet Mr. Dennis grilled  up recently!

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