Thank you

On Monday my mom had her labs drawn as she always does before recieving her next round of chemo. They have to monitor your blood counts while on chemo to make sure your levels stay high enough to recieve the next round. When your blood counts are high enough we say "She made counts." This is what we want we, want her blood counts to be good enough to recieve her next dose of chemo. Well on Monday for the first time on her chemo she did not make counts. Her White Blood Cell count (the cells important for helping fight infection) came back at only 2.5. This is the lowest its been over the last 6 months. She is getting less chemo so why now you ask? Well the reason most likely is because we are asking her white blood cells to recover faster than they had to before when she was only getting chemo every 4 weeks. Taxol, the chemo agent she is getting is hardest on your white blood cells and less hard on the red blood cells.

So when she did not make counts we decided to pray hard that they would recover today before her planned round of chemo. They had less than 24 hours to do what we needed them to do. I posted on facebook asking for prayers as well as us asking family and friends to pray with us. Everytime I got a notification that someone said they were praying or text me that they were praying I would literally tear up. This has been such a long process, one that has required tons of faith.

I met my mom at the office as we usually do and they accessed her port to draw her labs and we sat and waited for the WBC number to pop up on the screen, and you won't believe came back as


It was one of many, many moments through this process that I think both my mom and I had a moment of Thank you God!!

We are so thankful, yes it would be nice to be able to skip a round of chemo but in the end it is best for her if we can fight through, get them all on time and finish off this cancer:) If she hadn't made counts they would have had to give her a shot of Neupogen (to attempt to increase her WBC) and then checked her blood again. I don't know about her but I am tired of watching her get poked all the time, so we are so thankful that she will get to pass that this time.

Thank  you to everyone who has, who did, and who continue to pray for our mom and us. You cannot begin to realize what a blessing you have been. Even Dr. Munoz said, "Your faith and your support is what is helping you fight this and fight it hard!"

Thank you!!

This picture seemed so fitting! Looks like they are thanking God, though 
I think they were just being silly in the rain! Silly poppy and Noelle!

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